Point, Counter-Point

Outside influences require that we succumb. In preparing the field for planting, the farmer creates, in mind, the end result and then undertakes effort in order to achieve that end result. The goal is already well established and all that is left are the steps necessary to bring about it's achievement.

Upon this planet the goal has been one of plunder, created and played out by those of foreign mind and body. It can be extremely difficult to understand the foreign mind in how it works. Thought processes are inherently different and from this Tower of Babel, understanding becomes absent. We hear the words and yet they fall upon the deaf, dumb and blind.

The so-called 'banking elite' requires scarcity in order to play out their dirty little secret. But even these puppets have their masters. Their ancestry gives them away. You see, like-minded sheep enjoy each other's company and it is this company which sends up the flares of identification. Despite the tricks and traps of well-oil machinery, nothing - and I mean nothing, beats the opened eye of awareness. This 'eye' is not the trick of the all-seeing eye of authority but one of spiritual awareness, an awareness rooted in that which lies beyond the fallacy of life and living.

It's so strange to view this as a 'spiritual' matter when those who embrace the opposite, through power and force, convince all in their path that such things are 'beyond' the scope of mere mortal Man. In other words, where there is conviction of a pure physical existence, there lies the empty grave. As 'money' is a product so too is the mantle placed upon the awareness of Man. In it's restriction, Man comes to be controlled.

It becomes a very weird and strange life where one is compelled to control others much in the same way that one is taught to be controlled by those of 'higher' authority. The ladder of greatness becomes one of authority where the one who controls the most wins.

This game of deceit requires that one deny awareness, that keen insight be ridiculed and individuality be viewed as dangerous. In creating terror upon the land enslavers rejoice in their own well being as then they themselves have little to fear from the public of sheep. Groomed since birth, can the flock know of any thing else?

As a measure to the greatness of spirit, individuals do come along to remind us of who we are. Breaking the chains that bind typically requires a human sacrifice as enslavers know that when a human is sacrificed to their means, they become more empowered. Capturing the death cry of millions or even billions brings but a tear to their joyful eye. In this respect, individuality can exact a heavy price but for those who know no bodily worship, this price is no price at all but merely an empty threat.

You cannot kill that which does not walk upon the land of life and living.

All that can be done is to try to remove it's reflection. How silly is that!

The Free Zone provides a scope, a depth and breath of freedom which has not been experienced in quite some time here. Freedom requires an individuality of spirit where one recognizes one's self in the mirror of life and reflects back upon it their own true nature. This nature is not one of power, glory or control as these things are not it's totality. This nature lies at the core of one's being and as such remains untouched by the hand of Man.

The problem on this planet is not one of power and greed nor is it about authority and control. These images of resistance bring about just that - resistance. One does not play in the game of life and living by giving up one's self to those who collect such things. As pieces upon the board called the Game for Planet Earth, when resistance makes it's move it would by silly to give in to it. Instead, the keen player comes up with a plan of their own. Falling for the obvious are those who wish to fall and to fail - and they are thus assured the comfort of their own demise.

In selecting the winning side, pawns remain as pawns. This is why it becomes important to enable the able for without them, the game would surely be lost.

Sheep tend to gather around focus points and this is but another move upon the board of intellect. Wolves sometimes do hide themselves among them, controlling their puppets in order to achieve ultimate victory over their prey. In this game of life and death there is much more at stake then physical security, there is your own future, your own happiness and well being.

So where does this leave us in our pursuit of happiness, of awareness and self-knowledge? When you walk into a Den of Thieves and no harm comes to you, you can then be assured that you are right where you should be - at home with your self, where-ever and when-ever that may be. But you will have already known this beforehand as our nature is unmistakable in the mind's experience of presence - when we listen.

The way to find out something about your self is to listen. Running is good exercise but will do nothing to that still small voice within you which speaks with the utmost authority. When we refuse to listen we become compelled to hear and obey the authority of others. Who would wish for such a destitute fate as that?

You are your knowledge and beyond this a totality which cannot be contained. No one has ever succeeded in containing it and no one will, even though many have tried and are trying. Like a carrot before the donkey, the mind goes where desire leads it. Since desire is nothing but unfulfilled goals perhaps we should be thinking differently to begin with.

Stepping back and away from the Game for Planet Earth, there lies bigger fish to fry and in this relative importance of differences and similarities this planet is but one small illusion of control and conquest. Dynamically alive, spirituality requires moving beyond ourselves and the insignificant life-games we play.

But don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself from the highest of high authority - you!

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