Time Stood Still

Taking a deep breath, drawing in the universe of experiential delight, we sometimes lose ourselves to the lust and glory of immersion. Losing ourselves we take flight and in this fanciful dream-like quality we come to embrace life and death and the struggle thereof. Of course the struggle is nothing short of our own making and even this has it's own rewards. Our every action, every thought, word and deed comes full circle. It is in times like these that it may be best to keep a keen eye, an expanded awareness of separation. We are what we see and yet we fully contain the rights and privileges of being not so encumbered. Coming home to roost is nothing short of going no-where and doing no-thing.

Time stands still when we embrace nothing. Time stands still when our compulsion to activity becomes negated. Where there is no urge, peace prevails.

And that about wraps it all up. Peace is not found, revealed, uncovered or any other non-sensical characterization. One cannot describe one's self unless one makes it out to be an object. In so objectifying our nature we create a thing. This may be of great help to the capacities and capabilities of the mind, but even in this energetic creation a thing remains a thing. Between differences and similarities there lies reality. In this scale of justice our life experience overtakes us as we are the effect of the swinging pendulum. Stability is but food for thought in thought. Upon the stage of play-acting we watch as our puppet undertakes an all consuming path of action and reaction in the name of full-fillment and when the goal is finally grasped a miniscule moment of joy is attained. Time stands still for but a moment and in the next, our mind rushes towards attainment once again. Repeatedly we self-flagellate in order to remind ourselves that there is a higher purpose, a higher plan for such insignificant identities such as I, me and mine.

And yet time stands still, if even but for a fleeting moment. It is in this fleeting moment that we get but a small glimpse into a reality that is total. Amazingly, the mind prefers running after things than it does relinquishing the control that we have bestowed upon it. We are the god of our mind-full being, our identity and as such it must have existence. Therefore, it does. But as the perpetual motion machine requires energy, we too empower this straw-man in order to exist in a universe gone mad.

From the capacity-filled audience, the play upon the stage of life and living does indeed look grand!

Peace is our nature and all that we can ever do is pretend otherwise. These days that pretension requires death and destruction, force and authority, crime and conviction. The list goes on and on into the deepest depths of the hell of our making.

In action time finds release to do it's deeds. All takes place within and because of it. This requirement of activity compels us to do something, to do one thing or another in order to complete the game of achievement. How does one gain what one already has?

That is the bottom line here. How does one gain what one already has?

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