Stranded In Time

Immorality on this planet has come to reach new highs and in the depths of despair it's inhabitants seek out new ways and means of escaping justly deserved recompense. Inventing new conceptual escape routes in which to take refuge, pride knows no bounds and in the deaths of millions, billions are surely not far behind. Perhaps if we do nothing, nothing will occur. In this demented torment daily lives come to be played out as seen fit by the all mighty hand of darkness. If slaves are not to be made then surely birth will provide the means. Redefining the existence of life, it all comes to mean domination and control. The weary see nothing but their own plight and the watchful are fast asleep, immersed in their own dreams of dreaming.

The end of time is already here and stranded are the wayfarers. Is this the place reserved for us? Is this the time to which we have ultimately come? Duly following the path as those before us, we have arrived. Does it give one great pleasure? Is one greatly rewarded in being true to the ideals and concepts of those who rule over one?

Sheep and slaves are indeed shepherded to 'better' pastures as well as protected from the very real fears of the 'outside' world. In being controlled we become guilty by association.

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