Contacting FZA

If you have a question or comment which you would like to share, please use the appropriate Guest Book which can be found in the various areas of FZA. No contact is possible at this time.

FZA is not in the business of buying or selling anything. FZA is not in any business. This Web Site is here as a reference tool and nothing else. If you have a question or seek assistance, leave a note in the appropriate Guest Book and perhaps someone will be kind enough to assist you.

If there is something that you would like to do to help FZA in some way, do this: BE spiritually free. Nothing else even comes close.

FZA does not keep track of who is doing what out in the field nor is it interested in accumulating such information. Here, our attention is narrowly focused on Spiritual Freedom and with that intense narrow focus everything else pales in comparison.

Of what use is a 'cause' when we, ourselves, are in great need? Of what use is the accumulation of books, with it's dead knowledge or of questing for the 'one' who will take away our toils and troubles.

FZA is not here to engage in long-winded "why's", reasons or justifications. The information contained here speaks for itself. What counts is what you do, or not do, with what is already at your beck and call. Since FZA is not an authority figure in any sense of the word, time would be better spent in coming to terms with one's own self, then to engage in accumulating another experience to add to the extensive library called oneself.

There is always more data to be had, always more experience to be attained and, of course, more 'me' to be made known. It's not the amount of so-called 'knowledge' which one accumulates which determines Spiritual Freedom, it's the amount of understanding and deep, personal knowing that slowly, or quickly, wends it's way to the target. While most 'seekers' are hell-bent in finding or attaining spiritual freedom, creating experience by ensuring the future is the same as saying "Not Now, but later. You know the saying: "Tomorrow never comes."

What else do we have but Today? Right here, right now.

01 Mar 2005

E-Mailing FZA

Free Zone America has no active email address. Any and all email sent to FZA will get bounced back.

All communication related to Free Zone America that requires the attention of the Webmaster must be posted in the Forum with an appropriate subject title.

07 Jul 2006

Inescapably Terminal

Scratch that. The Forum and all other modes of communication on this website have been thrown to the winds. Perhaps, if one is seeking some sort of communicative response, the answer may lie there.

Other than that, the best action which can be suggested is to be still and listen. It is there, beyond all thoughts, ideas and concepts, that the thunderous Universe speaks. Can you not hear it?

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