Fasting To Eliminate Our Wayward Tendencies

In the peace of mind man can come to achieve great strides in reaching the goal of self realization. Quieting the inner voices of insanity, we come to be free of our own torments thereby allowing ourselves the freedom and choice of creating our own destiny. We each have a destiny which we fulfill each and every moment and until we achieve the ultimate victory of overcoming ourselves that destiny become quite apparent each and every moment as we realize the full effects fraught upon ourselves by ourselves. How is it that the same insanity continues and yet we think that we are free of it?

In thinking of our freedom we simply move the walls of our own prison to accommodate our new needs and thereby allow ourselves to relish anew the experience we most wish for - and yet the walls remain. It is not others who serve as guards to ensure our supplication, we have only ourselves to face to understand our own circumstance, forged by our own hand. How is it that we so enjoy playing hide and seek with ourselves?

In teeming up with others of like mind we merely find like mindedness. Is this new found freedom built to last? Will the viewpoint, quantified in numbers, provide the security we so long for? If we cannot stand alone how is it possible to stand with another - or is that not the point? As we migrate into areas of specialization what is it that we lose?

As sheep come to be herded into flocks, the wolves feast in packs. Whatever the terminology employed to waylay purity and truth there can be no takers unless we so choose.

Is it any wonder then why huge international corporations can exist at all? These vehicles of commerce have absolutely no soul - just like many of the bodies which inhabit the earth. Like attracts like, so why complain when these same corporations have not only come to rule our lives, but our destiny as well. When we run with the pack we become like the pack and no matter the excuse delivered, it all becomes quite self evident.

In our nakedness in the Garden of Eden we are but lost, lonely children. Though the apple of knowledge, of opening our eyes, has been bitten, we have yet to digest what it really means.

But not to worry, there are plenty of willing 'garden tenders' to tell you what to say and what to do, and more importantly, what to think.

After all, are we not merely 'human resources' to be used as is required? Is it not our duty to be made subservient so that we can just all 'get along'? Yes, please do go quietly into the night if that is your wish.

Or perhaps, just perhaps, we can catch a tiny, small glimpse of the cancer that eats within us and become motivated, even to some small degree, to heal ourselves completely away and apart from barbaric leaches and snake oil. The illusion of well being is not the real thing and can never be so.

It is not the 'human resource' masters who create the problem, it is we ourselves who fall prey to our own temptations. It is through our own selfish means that we do ourselves in.

One need not become part of the machine to be free of it. And so, perhaps it is time to stop being fed by it, to fast in order to allow our wayward tendencies to become plainly visible and thereby released. We can eliminate much more than the walls of our prison if we so choose.

That is what it all comes down to - we make our own choices. We are each responsible for our own choices and when we give that up we give up all. No one can choose for us unless we so desire.

When one chooses for another it demonstrates the fact that they have already given up their own right to choose. In this respect, misery so very much loves company.

Is it not better to stand alone than to follow the herd as it grinds it's way through the 'human resource' factory?

Physician, heal thyself.

We are all responsible for our own condition, so too are we responsible for our own well being and sometimes we must give up that which we most desire in order to cleanse and purify ourselves. One cannot know one's self while being fed by another.

05 Dec 2005

What Garden Tenders' Will Say]

Beauty is the flesh made appealing.
Success is the route to happiness.
Obedience provides security.

Beauty is the flesh made appealing.

We are constantly impinged upon to center ourselves in relation to the physical body. A huge amount of attention is directed along these lines in order to misplace one's attention on the false. Movies glorify women, and men, as objects. Print media dramatically emphasize a standard of physical and an it's accompanying emotional, bearing. Unattainable for a vast majority, this prize of so-called stature ensures that the masses will reach and reach and reach for what is impossible to be attained. It keeps us all busy that is for sure.

From sexual content to a foul mouthed vocabulary, from fashion and design to social acceptability, there is no dearth in the telling of lies and deceit. When one wishes to create a 'dangerous' animalistic environment, it certainly cannot be for the so-called 'good' of man.

It does keep us all busy, does it not?

The grave awaits all flesh, rich or poor - in every sense. But don't let that stop you from clawing your way to the top of the funeral pyre. After all, you only live once in full animalistic glory, is that not so? Why not go out with a crowd cheering your death? Especially when it comes to mean so little.

Success is the route to happiness.

If one measures one's worth by the coinage in one's purse, cast metal images of victory or paper accomplishments duly noted then surely we are on a race for victory in accumulation and point scoring. We must get ahead and therefore we fall prey to enhancing our own status and position - whether through honest or dis-honest means.

To win, someone must loose. But to associate victory with happiness means to rejoice in illusion because if our own happiness lies in another's hands then we will always loose. A slave to a thing is bondage just the same.

Obedience provides security.

Giving up our sovereign right allows us, or so we are told, to safely coexist in harmony and peace. Man has obediently followed tyrants, kings and the ordained chosen and has yet to find harmony and peace.

But there is always hope, is there not?

And so man continues unchanged in his quest, raging war both within and without all to no avail. The foolish, in throwing away their selves, cling to any and all rescuers who just happen to know what is best for them more than they, themselves, do.

As the sheep follow the flock over the cliff, they all wind up the same - dead. Neither position, status nor obedience will save them as they all fall to the same doom. At least no one survived.

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