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The only thing that is confidential these days is the ways and means of our own destruction. Hiding in the shadows they will tell you that as you become more initiated you too will gain access to the utmost secrets of the universe. They do not use mystery to entrap, but selfishness and greed.

If you pay enough, bow enough, succumb enough, you too can rule over others. This is a promise which has been handed down through the ages as 'standard fare'.

Unfortunately the shadows hold no secrets, no knowledge and certainly no freedom. One cannot be spiritually free while cloaking themselves in any sort of dress.

If it's confidential, it's tainted.

Isn't it funny that the people who promise spiritual freedom require the aspirant to jump through hoops and bark like a dog? The aspirant must follow certain rites and rituals, say the appropriate incantations and make the proper offerings.

Times have not changed, only the words.

Religion is just as much useful today as it has been for millennia and over that millennia it has worked so well that spiritual freedom is a common every-day experience. Right?

Far, far from it. Today, we still have just as many promises for tomorrow as we have had yesterday. But that doesn't stop the greedy and the selfish, does it?

Is no one smarter than this?1

  1. Note: This article first appeared as a comment to Tidbit

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