Forever Young

I was cleaning up some unfinished business and I couldn't help but notice that this needed just a little bit more attention. This is based off of a previous post called Selling The Truth, Or Is That Buying A Lie?.

"We seek the truth and integrity of spiritual wisdom and human potential to co-create a healthy and peaceful world. "

Before I get on with my thoughts I'd like to say that I like Drunvalo's story-telling. But that's not the topic at the moment. What is the topic is a little examination.

We, as in an organiaztion.

seek, as in not having something and going out to look for it. Kinda like looking for the car keys.

the truth, I'm so glad that the seekers are not out looking for the lie of the century or something like that.

and integrity, this is a compound fracture so let's include it as a package.

the truth and integrity of spiritual wisdom, whoa! I didn't realize that wisdom could be full of lies and deceit. That was a new one for me. Maybe they're referring to spiritual wisdom as being possibly deceitful and deceptive and so need a clarification attached to it. Who in their right mind would attach such a thing as that? Well, the answer lies in the very next catch-phrase.

and human potential, so there it is. From a 'human' capacity spiritual wisdom is obviously fraught with danger and despair. Luckily for us these folks can provide a way of seeking truth and integrity through that. Whew! I was quite worried there for a moment.

to co-create, yeah, I suppose we need the buddy system in order to find truth, honesty and the American way. The trouble with the buddy system is that there's always some clown who 'knows best'. Well, for a good stand-up routine there's just got to be a fall guy, right? You know, the one to bear the costs, ahem brunt of the 'jokes'. Yeah, that's got me laughing too!

a healthy, I'm so glad they didn't say sick and diseased aren't you. I mean, who would buy that, right?

and peaceful world, reminds me of Disneyland. Just don't peek behind the curtain, you're likely to catch something.

Snake oil salesmen used to go around with their wagon and ply their trade with skillful verbiage, preying upon the hopes and dreams of slaves captivated by any such mention of fanciful tales beyond their own dreary existence. Something to leave behind the destitution wrought by the very same type of people who are more than willing to 'help' alleviate the sins of being at odds with the picture of perfection so lovingly crafted before their very eyes.

"See my hands, there's nothing in them. Now watch this..."

I love Capitalism, don't you. It draws the bottom feeders out into the open time and time again.

I also love a good story. Pardon me if I suspend my disbelief like I am supposed to when I read one. I know that not everyone can do that. Maybe that's just part of the story too. From the telling of the tale to the reaction of the audience to the crescendo where it all comes together.

Maybe it's just chump change clicking in the till which energizes the drive to seek new worlds, to boldly go where no seeker has gone before...

Que the music.

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