The Basis For 'Messed Up Case'

You will see it no matter what type of clearing that is done. It happens in the Church of Scientology. It happened in the Free Zone. It happens with such-and-such and it even happens with so-and-so. The names of the auditor and the organization has no bearing what so ever on the results. The reason a person gets messed up by an auditor is the lack of communication. Whose communication? Both the auditor and the processee.

The auditor, no matter what the level of attainment, has case. Plain and simple. There is not a single being, bodily or otherwise, on this planet who does not have a certain amount of 'case' demonstration. It is absolutely unavoidable no matter how much and how hard we try to imagine ourselves otherwise.

Assigning oneself the responsibilities of 'Auditor' is not to be taken lightly. It is not a job for everyone and not everyone can perform the required duties. An auditor has to have the discipline to put aside their own case as much as possible, to gainfully resolve the processee's case manifestation. The auditor will only succeed to the level of their own case, sometimes beyond, and to the level of communication that the processee is willing to achieve.

There will eventually come a point of no return. The processee will have reached their limit with the auditor that they are using. That limit is defined by either the processee or the auditor and consists of the limitations described above. The fear of case and the amount of case directly impact the decision 'to leave'. Leaving demonstrates a 'messed up case' quite well. It fact, a case is never 'messed up'. What it is properly called is 'restimulation' and that restimulation can be assigned to either party.

What it boils down to is that no matter what happens, continue the journey. No matter who is to blame for any perceived 'case', continue auditing and processing. The gains are there to be had and are undeniable.

Solo auditing can, in some degree, create the same effects that have been described. Whether external or internal, the same procedure should be followed. Recognition of the signs and handling it by the continuation of your auditing. If not with your current auditor, then with another. Sooner or later you are going to hit the wall anyway, so it really doesn't matter where it is that you hit it. All you have to do is just climb up over it and continue on your merry way.

Happiness is just down the road. Can you see it coming?

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