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Into The Ocean Of Bliss

The word 'bliss' is such a funny word. Not only does it conjure up images of some enraptured state beyond the reach of mortal man, but it also connotates some wistful state of non-existence similar to a druggie's high. The truth is that it... 16 Nov 2002

For An Empty Case, They Will Come

"Case? I don have no stink'in case." A case contains something, whatever that 'something' is. From clothes to mental concepts, it's containment allows for a certain amount of freedom in one's exterior exploration. Why does one need to carry... 08 Aug 2001

The Basis For 'Messed Up Case'

You will see it no matter what type of clearing that is done. It happens in the Church of Scientology. It happened in the Free Zone. It happens with such-and-such and it even happens with so-and-so. The names of the auditor and the organization... 12 Jul 2001

Tickets Please

The composite case has a make-up and that make-up always involves the appearance of extemporaneous theta particles attaching themselves by whatever method, to the core personality. That 'core' could be called the 'thetan'. These particles of... 14 Jun 2001

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