Skeksis, those crazy reptilians from the movie Dark Crystal are quite the characters and the use of them by my friend in her writings makes it all the more enjoyable. So I am giving a nod of the head to these loveable, adorable and dare I say it, cute cuddlies. If only we all could strive just a little harder to become duplicate copies of these wonderful role models.

I think I'm gonna puke.

But never mind that. Say hello to Igor.

Just a couple of dudes chillin'.

This is a good one. The sacrifice knows it's place. Bow miscreant servant, bow to the law! Yes, on your knees is even better! Good slave, you shall be rewarded in heaven.

It's always good to have slaves on hand. Preferably mindless and if not, we can fix that.

Here's a little something that you might find under your bed on some cold dark frightful night. This is really his happy face so don't get alarmed.

I could go on and on but I'm a little short on time because they need me over in the brainwashing department. It seems that we aren't treating people 'nice' enough.

Remember, don't think, it could land you in trouble. Do as you are told and if the 'nice' treatment ever begins to wear off report your ass immediately, we don't want any loose cannons running around wreaking havoc by thinking that they are ahem, free. It's good to have a collar with the Boss holding the leash, you would feel lost without it. I wouldn't want you to feel any duress my poor darling. I am only thinking of you.

Want some candy?

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