Want Some Candy?

Well here we are.

So the question becomes, where is that?

Since time isn’t stationary nor is it linear as an overwhelming majority have come to believe, there really isn’t much point in trying to put the puzzle together. One only need to track ‘progress’ through whatever outlet one so desires to see that we ain’t goin’ no where. Problem after problem, issue after issue. My god, what kind of life do human beings on this planet expect to have while being so immersed in their own feces. Yes, what comes in does go out and typically in a very unpleasant manner. It’s called consequence and if one does not learn from that then… good luck to you because ‘luck’ is about all the faith you will ever have.

Yes, its always someone else’s fault. Cue the reasoning, justifications and what-not, it’s all there.

But running scared through life doesn’t mean that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. Through a lifetime of settling into our own mentality there comes a tendency to become root bound and as any gardener will know, growth above ground suffers.

Why is it that here, treating people as if they are stupid is so highly regarded? The majestic beauty of our spiritual nature comes to be covered with considerations, justifications and opinions like an old tarp protecting that prized possession out in the yard. And the drama… oh the drama creating friction, upset and like that well weathered tarp, a poor reflection of our good intentions. Yes, people aren’t stupid and their intentions are sound.

It would be foolish to ignore one’s foundation. Unfortunately it’s become so commonplace here that even the thought of this drives a debate firmly rooted in delusion to proclaim some stupid justification or reason as to it’s demise. But that’s the point isn’t it? To continue the line of ignorance, the ignorance of one’s own capability and nature.

One must not look into the mirror of one’s own reflection. To do so would be to glimpse the beauty and awe of one’s own nature. But as we follow our masters to our mutual doom why not break stride long enough to realize that stupid people do stupid things.

Any grown-up can tell you that. Killing the familial bond is a good entryway into being alone, lost and starving for direction. Don’t worry, that black hole is well accounted for and you don’t even have to ask for ‘help’, it’s well provided for by those who direct such things.

Want some candy?

Don’t worry, it’s just a predator.
Don’t worry, it’s just a predator.

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