I'm Such A Cry Baby


My toys got taken away from me. Whaaaaa.

No one likes me. Whaaaaa.

No one wants to be my friend. Whaaaaa.

I'm such a loser. Whaaaaa.

I can't do anything right. Whaaaaa.

I'm just a powerless worthless excuse for a human being. Whaaaaa.

I don't matter at all. Whaaaaa.

[This space for rent] Whaaaaa.

Yes. It is all true and as I sit here pouting and spouting nonsense the best thing that I can do is to just go away. It would be doing everyone a favor.

Sometimes I like to deeply feel all that is wrong with this world (not to mention other things as well) and it just makes me want to.... Whaaaaa.

But wait a minute....

I better not laugh too hard...

Oops, there I go again.

I left you a present.1

  1. It must be show and tell today. 

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