Harmonic Communication

This one is really out there so please don't make a big deal about it because it is meant to be that way.

Years ago when a merry band of Hubbardites came to my apartment in Mountain View, California to recruit me for the Sea Org (I think it was that there were three of them) one of the stumbling blocks of acquiescing was that I was waiting for a few others to find their way to me. Their response was that they could find me in the Sea Org, so in accommodating their plausibility I said what the hell.

I'm not going to go into all of what happened during my sleepover visit in the Sea Org but suffice it to say that it had nothing to do with those who I had an eye out for coming together. It's not really about that in the way you may think.

Years before the Sea Org recruitment I had written a simple short story about the very same group that I was on the lookout for. The similarity is not exact but it is close enough for government work.

It's interesting how certain things come about.

Years later when I took to a visit with Geoffrey Filbert he asked why I came to see him and my reply was to have someone to communicate to. If you follow what I am saying here perhaps you can see how there aren't really very many beings on this lovely blue pearl who have the same harmonic as I and it therefore becomes quite difficult to carry on a real exchange of communication with most Earth dwellers.

I'm not referring to mouthing experiences and giving lip-service to the conditions of existence. I am referring to an equality hence the mention of an harmonic.

There isn't an expectation that the message here is to be followed, understood or even looked at other than scribbled jumbled thoughts. What I am defining is a relationship.

It is also the only reason that I welcomed Virginia McClaughry1 at the old Free Zone America website. In fact that was the purpose of fza.org in the first place. What resulted is what came about.

How about that for a look-back news moment? Is it any wonder why there was so much kicking and screaming from all the silly children in the bleachers at the time? Silly kids.

Children here are not expected to have anything other than a cursory understanding of the nature of events. That is what makes them silly.

I've come to understand that my circle of friends is extremely limited and yet far reaching, with an enormous amount unearthly knowledge. It has been said that knowledge is power but I do not believe it to be so. Power is power, knowledge is just something else to add to the list.

Now there can be an understanding that that list contains some extraordinary beings and I am amazed that I find myself to be connected to such.

What an honor.

  1. It's funny how Mike and Virginia have become such celebrities on the Internet and in social and economic Scientology circles. In regard to the critics: From frenetic screams of terror to mindless arguments to irrational rationalizations there have been so many tricks pulled out of the rabbit's hat it isn't funny, all pointing to something which is much preferred to be denied. Here it is not the object of the pointing finger which has the significance but of the one who parlays tricks of imagination in order to try to define a reality which would otherwise have no basis in fact. 

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