The Canned Laughter of Insanity

As one travels down the highways and byways there comes to be, at very particular places, the offer of scenic captivation and awe. The offer is a good one and many times those who appreciate the scope of this world give a 'whoa!' to the pony long enough to pay homage. Many times the reward is an expanded view of our own little corner of the universe.

I'm just thinking out loud here.

Anyway, as time rumbles along it's merry way we find that in it's wake all sorts of flotsam and jetsam accumulate. This is not a reference to the previous thought bubble but something completely different. We are barking up a different tree here.

In such accumulation there can be noticed particulars. That is what time is about anyway, is it not? To bring forward 'things' of interest. In this way we are all swept up by the sands of time - or should that be considered buried? In either case the longing remains.

Hitchhiking the galaxy we tend to find not only awe-inspiring events but the pieces of a non-existent puzzle which drives many a Man to madness. Of course the pieces don't exist but don't tell the landlord that.

I am a fool to believe and so lack the required systems in order to participate. But what happens when there is participation anyway, what happens when other rules of engagement come to the fore? Will there be a clash of the titans or a well regulated militia simply doing their chores? I wonder at the complexity introduced, of it's sublime creation in order to subdue Man.

It's such a simple silly game of chance, a hope and a dream that fantasy will become reality. How could that ever be considered chance when it's doom has already been assured by it's foray into substance?

The 'complexities' of convoluted minds are a thing of beauty, are they not?

I don't happen to agree but it's not my game show, canned laughter included.

In The Eyes of the Beholder

Madness is never appreciated by those who wield it's power. But for those who enjoy egging them on, just for the sake of their own entertainment, the ends justify the means.

It's true that there is no such thing as a sick mind1 because that would imply that beings are sick. It is not so. A sick creation, in relation, is by every means non-optimum and it's perfection reflects the being's expression. Limitation is not lack.

So in addressing concerns why not go to the source?

  1. The assumption being laid out here for the reader is that the mind is a creation of the being. A mind can be considered 'sick' but that reference point is not being used in this discussion as it would track differently for the topic at hand and indeed go off the reservation. 

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