Thoughts of Grandeur

Way back in the day when I did the thingy I met and befriended Mike and Virginia. It was my good fortune to be able to do so and over the years that friendship has never wavered. Even in the face of concerted efforts by others the basis has endured. I think that it always will.

It's really amazing to me the amount of time and effort that others have put in just to try to negatively effect that bond. From trolls on the Internet all the way to my spouse the range has been far and wide and yet I can still say that I have the very same friendship that I started with.

Right now there seems to be a concerted effort underway to destroy my friends ability to continue their physical existence not bodily even though that has and will be a primary target, but their means of living. It's the usual trick of pulling out the carpet and making people fall. It's a stupid simple trick but when it becomes a concerted effort something else is amiss.

It's been said that the closer you get to the goal the harder the obstacles become. I really don't care about that. But I do care about those obstacles, the ways and means of their undertaking. You might say that my interest is in things behind the curtain.

I see you.

Make no mistake. Okay, you probably will but that's okay. All frailty is fraught with a humanistic approach and in that mind-set your world colors itself with your very own version of reality. But it just ain't so. No, things just ain't so. Whatever you believe... good luck to you.

I do indeed have very few friends. Very few indeed. But I like how it's put in those Fast and Furious movies. I ain't got friends, I got family.

We are all one big, happy family.

You don't ever turn your back on family.


The only thing which ever endures over time and space is the bond with those with whom you have attached yourself. If this universe is about the forces of light and dark doing battle for supremacy you are completely wrong. It's about the bond of truth and the falsity of one's own imagination.

Some prefer to live in a dream-like world where their thoughts define existence. As for the rest of us, there is no preference other than the reality which is delivered right to our front door, no tip needed.

Some take a lot of heat to be who they are. I know, right. All is well and good until the herd gets disturbed enough to take exception to that.1

As if it mattered.

Being true to yourself isn't about a herd mentality or doing what you think is right. No, it's far, far removed from that.

Because you are, all else is.

And in that 'else' lies the family of those with whom I have come to know and love.2

So go ahead and live a little and see just how much it really matters. In the ever-popular movie called "All About You" the inescapable conclusion will be that you don't know squat.

You'll see.

End of story.3

  1. Cue the slavemasters and all their little tricks and traps. Pretty childish but what can you expect from children. You could think that it's because of their 'status' of being a young and supposedly 'maturing' being. Ha! You could think other things too like old crotchity men scratching themselves to infinity. Poor souls, having to live such an existence. I suppose they could try a different approach but some like to live out their dreams with the 'tried and true' approach. Can an old dog learn new tricks? Stay tuned for next weeks episode where all hell breaks loose. 

  2. I'm putting it this way in order to get across this particular point. It's not exactly that way. 

  3. How the heck did friendship turn into a sermon about whacked-out psychos? See how that works... 

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