Security Alert!

I've had this website accessible via https for quite some time now but the one thing that I do not have associated with that is a bought and paid-for certificate. It's self-assigned. Yeah self assigned. I ain't gonna pay someone to tell me that all is well so the cattle herd can come stomping and 'a roaring down the shopping aisle with a good clear conscience.


So if you want to access this website and reduce your chances of interception then go ahead and jump to

I don't do the funny stuff routine. Well actually I do but not with cookies and security 'certificates'. I like plain and simple and especially to the point.

This message has been brought to you by Poke'n Nose where the motto is "Since we can't tune in let's do it the hard way".1

  1. It must be that 'telepathy' thing. If knowledge is power of what use are those sunglasses? Excuse me, those welding goggles. 

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