Well Hello Sunshine!

Ain't you just a pretty sight to behold. I just can't stand to look at you directly when your brilliance is gonna blind me to death. You are just awesomely amazing and not only that but you are the center of everyone's stage. As our eyes feast upon your amazing existence our mouths are agape with not only wonder but with perhaps just a tad of envy as well. There, I said it. I can't believe I'm telling you this.1

When royalty is encountered it's not about the title, pomp and circumstance even though that has a great deal to do with it but about your awesome presence. Yes, when you walk into a room we all know it as our heads automatically, like beacons in the night, seek and find the source of what just walked into the room. And when the attention rests upon your nature our smile gives us away. Oops! You caught us again!

When I look back at all the times, places and events where your brilliance demanded, through no desire of your own, compliance, respect and dare I say it, homage. I know, you just can't help it. Believe me, we don't blame you for our own lack. Some beings in this universe just deserve a bigger slice of the pie and rest assured that we are more than happy to indulge in our small though quite significant portion of a slice, so that your pie tin never sees the light of day. You know what I mean. Take it, it's all yours and when, in our ever searching through time, space, form and event we find more pie to be had, well then a special overnight delivery will be the order of the day. You can expect it by morning as you should.

In the annals of time it has and always will be writ that your escapades helped to endow us all with a greater understanding of what you are and of the lessons you have to impart upon the voids our hearts have somehow come to embrace. Without the flash of your realization our plight would endure in perpetuity. Thank God we have the presence of you!

Gladly our knees give way so that our stature will never impede your view of looking head and shoulders above and beyond the mortal nature of our temporary existence. Because you know, we believe.

I do believe I have said my piece.

May I be the mirror to which you may partake of your brilliance.2

  1. I'm just warming up here as a sort of introduction. 

  2. Isn't this a nice bedtime story? The only thing missing is sleep...
    Huh, what... oh never mind. 

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