Leaving By Nook, Crook or Haphazard Exit

So where does this all leave us today? That's kind of like asking at the desert counter "What's the flavor of the day today?"

We haven't left anything. Neither have we right anything.

It's straight down the middle, split or not.

That's the purpose of floating through time and space so as to catch other's interest isn't it? We all do so love the spotlight do we not? I don't and go to great lengths to leave no footprints in the sand. Eternity doesn't forget and neither do I but that's not up for discussion and probably never will be. What is up for discussion are the same tried and true rumors, gossip and just plain idiocy - or is that lunacy. I suppose it would depend upon the position of whatever moon one happens to hide behind - or become the effect thereof.

It's true that I've been off bugging out but since I never really know where I'm going... here I am. If I were to wait for the hammer to drop I wonder about the delay. I'm sure it's another one of those strange 'occurrences' we all seem to hear about constantly and consistently. It's gotta be about that gossip section I mentioned previously.

There are always winds of change blowing. It's not about that. It's about one's proclivity to produce change, said the Magician to the audience. I wonder if they ever blink in their intent gazing upon the stage of strange sounds and lights? Captivated by their own stupidity the sheep tend to do things unregrettable because little sheep brains don't think that way.

I haven't written much lately because either the message hasn't been received or it's just not gonna happen. Either way I have no regrets, no illusions about what I've done, thunk or project. So what. I never take myself seriously so why would I anyone else.

I wish I was in a position to share certain things but when it's not my call, it isn't. The rest I really don't care about but please, let thy civilization continue. Marching to a different drum is best left to the Marines because real men don't miss a beat.

And so the beat goes on, waiting....

Oldies, Useless or Not

Here is a list of ties regard the winds of change. Yeah, I looked these up myself. That doesn't mean they're useful in the least.

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