What If...

What if the purpose of World War II was to destroy what is called The New World Order. What if the history books and the plethora of 'facts and figures' describing a particular view of that time period were indeed, false, as in completely? What if the reality you think you understand were to be something so very different that it would be unimaginable.

What if the good guys and the bad guys were reversed and that the good guys took on a defeat? What if the perception so very much broadcast and ingrained were to be nothing but propaganda designed to alter reality so as to be made suitable for those behind the curtain? What if the curtain is called media, could one see beyond the fabric?

What if the world you live in is nothing but someone else's daydream, someone else's idea of how reality should be shaped, formed and lived? What if Man decides to no longer look for anything beyond the appearance, beyond the Magician's entertaining ruse? Do we find comfort in sitting in the back seat and letting another take our wheel? Do we let another drive our sense of living life to which we are born?

If our role in life is to live then how is it that one would allow another to regulate it's ebb and flow as it passes before us? If we are the sheep then who is the wolf, who is it that we have granted our power to?

What if almost all the knowledge that you have been 'taught' is completely and utterly false? What if, through being hypnotized and sedated, we give up our own sense of self and let the illusion take sway.

What if all the so-called fanciful tales of conspiratorial whisperings were in fact nothing but a slap on the face in order to wake you from your slumber? How do you fight the machine everyone loves?

What if you could do that? What if you were able to place all that illusionary propaganda correctly as being nothing but tall tales from mischievously devious little boys? Would you then even take the time to listen to their latest scheme, their latest fashion statement on what is good for the planet?

What if the definition of peace actually returned to it's true purpose and meaning?

I wonder what would happen when the can of worms was found to be empty.

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