In the Middle of the Night

Passing through the nether regions we find that in our determination things are just as they should be. That's not a statement many would accept at first glance but in our realm it is something quite the opposite. We all have our albatrosses wrapped around our little necks full of the fruits and offerings worthy of the gods. Before I fall on my sword I will indeed die laughing.1

Through the stream and streams of life, living and of the beyond, there exists little that escapes the grasp of knowledge, power and understanding. All comes in waves because some people require such. I live on the edge because my home requires such. Perception, that little irritating sliver keeps us all alive - at least that is as the saying goes but my thoughts do indeed drift off center. If you don't catch that drift then by all means, continue as is nothing is being said, done or perpetuated.

Life brings the folly to our door and as we open the gateway the flood waters never seem to recede. Inspection requires us to be vigilant but as the saying goes, who cares. Certainly not I in full attention and inspection. Traveling through the nether regions requires not stealth and conviction but a certain grounding of our own being. Not that I take much interest in any of that but this, like all other postings, is for others to determine their own self-righteousness.

Perhaps it would be better to jump into the waters in order to escape one's own destiny?

Overcoming our proclivities we ensure that life surpasses it's beingness. It's true, I do not know what I am talking about.

Finally, the bell tolls for whom it has. Or rather, the receiver has finally allowed such to penetrate the inner reaches of Mankind. In the pause between pauses it all settles into being. Are you a man now?2

I live so that others may live.

Try that on a forum of disruption.

  1. Think 'Serenity'. The movie. 

  2. No, this is not a gender crises. 

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