Auntie Arctica

Down below lives below and so all who come in jest deliver the best news there is - the spotlight of faith, trust and inherent sight.

So I say, have at it and enjoy the 'wreckage' you so well deserve. Have at it and take pride in the fact of your own misery wrought by and through your own hands.

In jest we play and in darkness we reside. Not everyone can say that.

So the next time you're out throwing the garbage away just remember that all is exactly as it seems. The universe you create is the one in which you will live, experience and take home in a Chinese take-out box ready to be opened, devoured and relished with memories of old.

Yeah, it's those 'old' memories which drives us is it not?

I'm still laughing at that one.1

  1. Just so you know it's not about Antarctica because it all goes much deeper than that. Doesn't it. 

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