Strange Magic

My first recollection of anything on this Earth is waking up in a crib and looking1 at my mother. There was no sense of a body attachment, no verbal language skills and no reasoning capacity. It was just a sense of being that was perceiving.

It's still exactly the same way for me even now, but there are some differences. One of those differences is that I managed to get some language skills under my belt which came as a result of that thing I mentioned, reasoning capacity. Developing the capacity to reason may be considered the mark of being 'human' but I consider it nothing else than being able to play in someone's sandbox. Kind of like learning the ropes of how one conduct one's self while being in someone else's neighborhood. From so-called 'ghetto' to the white man's gated and guarded estate, everybody plays and acts differently. Thank god for the capacity to reason because without all that baggage who in their right mind would be able to conduct themselves appropriately?

That's the fine line I walk. In creating an appearance definition ensues. But that's just for the kids so that they don't go running and screaming for the high hills, terrified that the unknown will catch up to them and grab them by their reality.

The point of this is that while some things never change everything else never does.

Did you have to read that last line again just to try to make sense of it? Yeah, that's how I feel some days about being alive.

  1. The funny thing about this 'looking' is that I could see both through the body's eyes as well as an 'outside' view. Is it real or is it Memorex? They are both real but one is more real than the other. 

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