Keeping The Nose Clean

There are some things which are not of my concern. It's not because of dis-interest it's more of recognizing that whatever the specific topic is, is not something with which I should be involved with. There are some things which I do take quite a bit of interest in and with other things, though I do pay attention, distance is created in order to establish boundaries.

It's like saying: "That's not my job."

Even though it does not relate to employment the idea is similar.

Like keeping one's nose clean.

What others do, they do. It's the same as ensuring one's freedom of movement by recognizing and acknowledging the same in others. By 'movement' I am referring to the concept that out of the potentialities of one's nature specifics become understood only in relation to that which is meant to be understood. No matter the perceptive awareness involved it comes down to what you are doing, not the 'conscious' thinking beingness but the potentiality beyond that.

"I am curious." said the spider to the fly.

Moving past the window of the mind's eye what is it that comes to be perceived, what is this movement played out before the eye of awareness?

Like the ringing bell whose vibration rocks the earth and all within it's path, we all have our own harmonic 'signature'. It could be considered an energetic pattern but this is not so beyond the attachment of the same. In harmonic frequency we find ourselves fully cognizant of our own nature. It simply rings true.

That is why one must follow one's Heart.

Additional Notes

Perhaps the above is the reason for this website, to create a 'ringing' signature in order that the breadcrumbs be followed.

Even though the crumbs themselves are unimportant the destination clearly is.

So where it is that you want to go?


Home is where the Heart is. It's not something to think about.

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