I Come For You

I have found Freedom and left it behind so that I could come back for you. Freedom is not the same without you. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I too was a slave to my own desires in the same way that you are a slave to yours. Eternity came and went and during that time I spared no effort to release the binds of my chains. I did anything and everything that I could, sometimes, even at the expense of others, to free myself from my burdens. I sought, and gained powers of influence and demonstrated this freely upon all those who had none. I realized my fullest potential using the teachings and techniques espoused by so many others and became a master at what others could only catch a glimpse of. Freedom was mine to be had and I openly and willingly took it whole heartedly. I truly climbed upon the shoulders of others and reached the heights of immortality, and beyond. There was nothing that I could not do. I was everything and everyone at all times and places. I knew all there was to know and had done everything that was to be done. I became complete and whole.


I became complete and whole until I realized that it was all about ‘me’. ‘I’ became free, ‘I’ attained knowledge and heights of power undreamed of by mortal man. ‘I’ ruled the Universe, and beyond. ‘I’ was the Master of All. ‘I’ was All. It was all about ‘I’. How terribly sad. That sadness became pain and then that pain became mortality. Freedom is not for the ‘I’, it is for all Existence. God does not rest in the ‘I’, He does not rest in all that ‘I’ is not. He rests upon the Infinity of Existence.

And so, here ‘I’ am, back from the dead. Only this time, it is not about ‘I’, it is about the Infinity of Existence and it includes ‘you’. Without ‘you’, ‘I’ am incomplete and alone. Freedom is not just for one person, it is for everyone and everything.

In your quest for Freedom, ‘I’ hope that you make it and when you do, I’ll jump for joy at the new company in which I will keep. Together, we will find true Freedom and in that quest we shall not be denied.


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