Let's Pretend

With the quiet expectation of what is sure to come, we await our final destiny. Longing for the future, time passes. Waiting, we wait until we are fulfilled. Experiencing the joy of life, we surrender ourselves unto the darkness that is required so that the day make live. Struggling to free ourselves, we undertake desire and rest in the knowledge that all will be well.

Fleeting glimpses of the beyond, we suddenly awake to the thought that something may indeed exist 'out there'. With force of might, we pry our sleepy eyes open so that the light may burn what is within. Resisting, we become tangled in the web of our own choosing. Waiting, we allow time to come and go, measuring the distance with precision in the knowledge that the end is sure to come. In our preparations for death, we deny the life that surrounds us.

Time exists for our pleasure as does the desire in which we place our hopes. The pleasure of desire completes the circle and so leaves the mind behind. Escaping, we find that what we have been told is a lie. Escaping, we find that all that we have experienced is nothing but emptiness itself. Above and beyond become the falsity of thinking and states of achievement as hollow as ourselves. There is nothing to be found within and nothing to be found without. All that is to be found is nothing itself.

But we can pretend otherwise.

And in that pretension lies the joy of life, the wonder of being and the beauty of all those around us. Everlasting and never ending we become the embodiment of God itself and Dance to the tune of Creation swaying to and fro with joy in our heart as we watch that very same joy fulfill itself in others. Freedom, what grandeur, what joy, what a delight to behold!

It is within that spirit that all beckon to you and entice you further along your spiritual self discovery. Enticing you ever onward by singing the song of rapture. Pulling the heart string, you follow effortlessly beckoning to those around you, "Come, come!". Drawing yourself to the end of time, you relish the release of your binds. Arriving, you finally gather the courage to look at your binds only to discover that they were ever non-existent. What joy is beheld in the struggle of humanity, what joy is beheld in the race against time.

As you relay the message that illusion binds our reality, you remember the words of another who spoke the very same. Understanding, you move along and seek those who reside a hair's breath from Eternity and begin your song. Hearing yourself sing, you can only catch a glimpse of the times gone by, and the Love of the Universe remains ever strong within your heart. Flowing like a river, you let it wash over Eternity and beyond.

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