Just Desserts

Walking the line of desire, which way will the wind blow this time? Where shall we fall upon landing within the abyss of time and space where the first and last thought merge into the being that others have called "Man". Learning, one never sees. Understanding, we come to see what we have learned. Nowhere do we hide best then that lonely place within us which was label 'ourselves'.

Turning to God, we relish the thoughts and desires which we have stolen with glee from the repository of Life. Free at last, we roam the galaxy in our quest of desire. Yearning for the end the time, we fulfill our destiny by creating longevity. Surviving, we weep with inflamed rage longing for the next target upon which we may lay claim. Our right to live vanishes in the vaporish screen called death for only within forgetfulness may we come to understand what life has to offer.

Escaping our shadows, we seek revenge for the disturbance brought forth by uninvited guests. Opening the door to hell, we gratefully step through to embrace the alternate life style which will set us free. The badge of honor we so proudly wear fools no one.

Freedom is our nature, and freedom is what we shall have. In the order of life, nothing is left to chance as Chance plays the tune with which we sway to and fro stepping on each others toes. Lightly, we embrace the music only to find that the tune has gone dry. As we find ourselves in solitude, we imagine otherwise. Gratefully we lose ourselves within ourselves and never look back. The only way through is forward, can time prove otherwise?

The light at the end of the tunnel invites no one. Reaching, we reinvent ourselves. There is only one.

Without another, we do not exist. Without an existence, where then, would be the just deserts of life be enjoyed?

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