Delivering A Blow To The Enemy

In some circles, this is a favored way of gaining favor. Of going out and doing a destructive deed so as to benefit some particular group or organization.

This is ludicrous.

An individual on a spiritual path or bridge, who went out and actively suppressed another through whatever deed, is simply hanging a target sign on themselves which says: Spirituality means nothing to me.

Delivering a blow to the enemy is actually a good way to see exactly who hasn't a clue about Scientology.

There can not be spiritual understanding where there is suppression of another, any other. This is why Truth scares the living daylights out of the freezone. They cannot face it. A thief, sometimes even hard-pressed, is liable to deny his mis-deeds, but the facts clearly state otherwise.

It's the facts that tell the story.

So when you see someone going about seeking to deliver a blow to some imagined enemy, you will surely know just who their enemy really is. Their own Bank.

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