Take It Home Where It Belongs

I've noticed that there are very few people who actually have an interest in Scientology, among the so-called 'Scientologists'. It's a bit strange to watch another stumble and fall and then to fault another for their demise. It's also a bit strange that these very same individuals have a great interest in demonstrating 'powers' and such, and yet conviently overlook understanding and personal knowledge.

Everyone seems to have an opinion and the means to express it and yet very, very few, realize exactly what an opinion is, in it's fullest meaning. Quoting definitions is definitely in vogue and grossly misapplied as being 'knowledge'. A parrot would do no worse and yet that remarkable bird of flight, even though it may not understand it's implications, certainly does understand the ensuing reward.

Much like training a dog with tasty little morsels. If it cannot 'understand' then surely it can be compelled to act like it. And it does.

But that is trickery and deceit. A lovely illusion for the audience to which the 'freezone' plays it's tune.

Yes, these people certainly can repeat words and yet understanding, whose clear demonstration cannot help but be seen each and every day, comes up seriously lacking. It's quite easy to get a clear and perfect image in the mind so as to create the sense of certainty, but it is far, far removed from such.

Perhaps all this can be attributed to the fact that no matter how many labels and names one swaps with another as to their achievements, the icing on the cake is nothing more than covering the emptiness inside. They never were on the Bridge to Total Freedom to begin with.

That's a hard fact to digest, but sooner or later, we all must stop fooling ourselves into believing one thing or another. Certainty does not come with images, opinions, nor with repeated words. Certainty is understanding, in the fullest sense of the word.

Anything else is just another experiential adventure, just waiting to be 'overcome'. Perhaps you've seen this method of madness in the 'freezone'. And like any madness, it tends to want to spread itself, quickly and with fervor.

The only thing that will stop the madness is a clean bill of health. Squeaky clean. All the information and data in all the Universes combined is absolutely worthless without understanding in the most personal way.

Take it home where it belongs.

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