Walking On Water

Vigilance is like water. It flows where it will in it's quest of equilibrium. Holding back the floods, once water finds it's way, it's demonstration of release is astounding. From life giving to life taking it runs the gamut without care, in perpetual motion of regeneration, refreshment and just good old-fashioned existence.

Vigilance is the open valve, through which water flows freely and endlessly.

Freedom is vigilance in action. Constant awareness is only a struggle when the awareness through which effort is expended defines itself as unreal. Vigilance may require effort in it's infancy, but rest assured that with understanding, perpetual awareness is not something which ever needs attention.

It would be like saying that Spiritual Freedom must be preserved and it must be preserved through force and constant attention. That is surely something to laugh about.

When one is in the Ocean, only a fool would wish for wetness to be felt against the skin. It's a long swim to Land, but with due diligence, anything is possible.

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