Life In Effect

There was a time when Man took it upon Himself to live life to it's fullest in it's most complete depth, breath and meaning. But that is not so anymore. Man Has lost His Way.

Today, Man's life encompasses neglect, regret and shame. Always seeking and not finding, always wanting and desiring and yet not having or being. The future, according to Man, always looks bright and beautiful. The Day of reckoning is held at arms length in all of it's glory and peace. Always tomorrow, never today. The future, built upon hopes and dreams, always falls on it's face and instead of the morning coming up roses, it comes up with blame, shame and regret. From living into the future, to finding a home in the past, Man's fixation on running away ever finds new boundaries in which to 'explore' and 'experience'.

Haven't we all had enough of that yet? Haven't we?

There is no hope, no future, no up-coming twist of fate into which we can contain ourselves because we are never apart from Ourselves. Never. Looking into the mirror of Life and Living we see but our own reflection. Have you ever seen anyone else looking back at you? Brushing aside all the thoughts, ideas and concepts we place before us, isn't there somewhere else we can be? How easily we trick ourselves into looking and being somewhere else. When we watch ourselves cruising through Life what else is there to see?

With sight comes the responsibility of seeing. Can anything ever be more 'real' than that? As the footprints on the beach become swept away by the Ocean, can our hopes and dreams be any different? All the meaning that we will ever find is what we place before us, in our heightened state of definition can there be anything but?

In the Totality of Existence, there is no room for one's selfish hopes and dreams. There is absolutely no room. How can there be when our very foundation leaves nothing to chance, where every nook and cranny becomes filled and overflowing with it's self. This is no far and away concept or ideal in which to imagine ourselves, for it is our very Life right now. When we swim against the Tide how could we ever see anything else but our survival effort?

Fighting Ourselves, we relish the life which we place before us and turn right around and ask 'God' to save us from our consequences. For whom is this imaginary creation to establish itself within?

When one turns their back upon Life, there can only be Death.

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