The Case Of The Spreading Disease

Way back when I first started up a Discussion Forum here on FZA, no one else in the so-called 'Scientology' circle had the same idea. The Discus program, now called "DiscusWare" has, on their web site, a slogan that says "Powering Web Discussions Since 1997". 1997 is the same year in which FZA was founded. One of the reasons that I used the Discus program was that it came from Hope College. A place of higher learning! ( - now defunct). At the time, the free version was quite satisfactory for FZA's use and so I put it online and to use on the heels of an even earlier Bulletin Board.

It took a while for the idea of a discussion forum to make it's way into the Wasteland, but soon enough, everyone else was jumping on the band wagon.

Today, as one surfs the Internet, specifically among the so-called 'freezone' sites, it can be noticed that many use the same type of discussion board back-end. Discus! Amazing co-incidence, is it not?

Next, in my ever engaging quest of change, I moved on to phpBB, a php-based discussion forum. This forum package performed far better than Discus and was much simpler in it's implementation. This was way back in Internet time when php was little known, and just beginning to be appreciated. After the change-over to phpBB, the Forums on FZA began to take a new turn, and a very important new turn it turned out to be. But that is another story.

The second most frequently used Discussion Forum software that you will find, specifically among the so-called 'freezone' sites is... Can you guess what they copied, again? Yes, it was phpBB.

Are we seeing a pattern yet?

But the pattern doesn't end there. Guess what you will find, scattered among many of the 'freezone' sites? Web pages and information which originated right here on FZA. I'm not addressing the obvious appearance of duplicity here, but something much, much finer. Sometimes, it takes a discerning eye to see what is really going on around us.

Maybe, just maybe, that discerning eye will reveal a thing or two.

Of course, one must first be able to see.

As a side note: the quality of many of the 'freezone' sites definitely have a 'home grown' look and feel to them. When Mike Hunsaker was webmaster for FZA for a time, among the crimes that I noticed was that FZA appeared on a web site as a reference. What is wrong with that you ask? It was a reference as to the worst web sites on the Internet. Specifically, it was a page where blue lettering appeared on a background of blue sky and clouds. It was visually unreadable. Sheesh!

Of course not everyone is skilled at being a webmaster, but pure common sense dictates that if you can't read something, there must be something wrong! I guess Mike now likes my stuff better than his own. He should.

And as far as all that 'Pilot' stuff goes, trash it. Look where it got the author. Who in their right mind would take that path through the jungle? It's true that Ken is quite close to Tommy Thompson and under their umbrella lies Mike Hunsaker and a few others. Inbreeding does not lend credence to garbage that stinks to high Heaven. We can all hold our nose and say that the stink doesn't exist. But it does. And it's right under our nose.

The 'freezone' is similarly located. From 'Ralphology' to self-serving 'standard' Scientology, the garbage heap just reeks with stench. The funny thing is to watch all these people gather around the refuse and say to each other. "Ahhh, that sure smells good!".


But it is true. The 'freezone' is nothing but a bunch of left-overs, slowly rotting out in the open sun. It's not something I would wish on anyone and would rather that this collection of like-minded individuals actually see where they have planted their feet. It's not Scientology nor spiritual in the least, but a vast Bank of collective thought idealizing themselves to glory.

That scenario is perfectly suited to the higher levels of the Bridge. Perfectly suited to those that actually do Scientology. Perfectly suited to those that actually live Scientology. Scientology is not some outside influence which dictates one's thinking or actions, but is a religious philosophy. Never forget that even when those around you stray.

Did I create enough uncomfortable pictures for you to look at or shall I create some more to further 'realitize' the point? It's the same as being unaware; one tends to look at pictures in place of reality. Images are a lovely thing, until they begin to control you. It should be obvious by now that the 'freezone' is controlled by their own images, fighting their own demons and scrambling over each other to try and 'make it out'. That should tell you that they have no way out.

Trying is just another way of saying later, not now. Sure, a Thetan can live forever, but is being unconscious really 'living'? No, it is not. It's Death. And after one is Dead long enough, things begin to stink to high Heaven. Can you 'smell' it?

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