Can Magic Happen?

Isn't it strange that as we travel down the road of Life we tend to collect in the various potholes and dips along the way? Misery does love company, but pulling ourselves out while others are pulling us in is like fighting the tide. Eventually, we'll find ourselves right back in. How easy it is to slip and slide right back down into the depths of our own convolutions. And when we do escape, the next pothole becomes that much more irresistible.

Fighting to free ourselves is a losing battle for in the moment of creating war, we become it's victim. Our own worst enemy is the one who greets us in the mirror. Surely it cannot be our savior as well.

Turning the page in our book of memories, we move on to other times, other places, other thoughts and feelings. Endowing ourselves with perpetual motion, we move.

But is this of the nature of our being? Looking within we see what it is that we see and as we consider our actions in regard to such, we become drawn into another world of our making. Busying ourselves with change, it becomes impossible to see what is right before our eyes.

When we view the world, we tend to put ourselves there first. Is it any wonder then, that the world becomes nothing but our reflection. Is it any wonder then, that we wonder about everything.

Sooner or later we must break the train of thought in which we encompass our existence. Centered in our idea of how the world should be, we act and react, almost as if we are completely helpless. But we are indeed helpless. We are the action and although we deny it even more vigorously, we are also the re-action.

Coming or going, it is all the same. Have you figured that out yet?

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