Misleading The Public

Mike Hunsaker of 'steal it and run' fame is now willfully misleading the public about my contact information. In his haste to legitimatize his own branding, he has gone so far as to willfully LIE about my contact information. He now claims that I have an email address at his copy-cat site. THIS IS NOT TRUE and never has been.

My email address has always been right here at fza.org and NO WHERE ELSE. Any other email address is a FAKE. Mike's altering of my e-mail address is typical of the behavior so prevalent in the 'FreeZone' and is indicative of the depths to which Mike Hunsaker has fallen while immersed in it.

Here are two references, pulled from Google:

Self Clearing Diary - Chapter 7 ... diary:
Subject: GuestBook Entry
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 08:58:52 -0700
From: Paul Misiunas <misiunas@freezoneamerica.org>.
Found this ...
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Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technology
From: pilot@hiddenplace.com ...
subj : Super Scio - To Paul On Lions TO PAUL ON LIONS On 13 Jul 98, misiunas@freezoneamerica.org
(Paul Misiunas) posted on subject "Are You Afraid of Lions ...
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^ You see, that's NOT my email address and it certainly wasn't the one that I used when I originally made those posts. Mike has ALTERED it for his own ends.

To me, it looks like when Hunsaker did his whole-sale copy of fza.org to place on his own site, he went quite overboard by mindlessly replacing each and every instance of "fza.org" with his own branding in complete disregard to validity. But this is nothing new coming from the same person who not only neglected fza.org while it was under his care, but also sought to destroy it's independent status by aligning fza.org with the organizational structure of the person whose loyalty now has his favor, Tommy Thompson and his many fronts. Way to go Mikey! :-(

What else could be expected from the 'FreeZone' but alteration? I wonder WHAT ELSE Mike has altered in his haste of wanting to appear legitimate. From the looks of things, I'm quite happy to find my abode on the other side of the tracks. It is MUCH cleaner over here, that is for sure.

It must be difficult for Mike to go through life always playing second fiddle. But that is what happens when one goes off the well-worn path and follows others who SAY they know, but their actions OBVIOUSLY state otherwise.

Open your eyes Mike. Going up the Bridge doesn't take LRH or YEARS of effort. All it takes is just YOU DOING IT. Leave the Bank and SEE. You won't regret it.

I have to scratch my head at the stupidity of so many 'FreeZoner's' who year after year, GET NO WHERE. And for some, even when they gleefully attach themselves to ANOTHER label, are STILL no different. In the 'FreeZone' there is no waking up, there is just one big, long SNOOZE. Happy sleeping!

But for God's sake - PLEASE don't cross the tracks into the better part of town. You just MAY find that Life actually GOES somewhere. Yes, it DOES go somewhere else other than one's own dreams. When one is living in a run-down shanty, all that is left are dreams, but they are NOT the answer.

Wake up Mike. Perhaps your FIRST step in actually GOING up the Bridge will be correcting the deception that you are perpetuating on the public. Start small, like my email address for instance, and work your way UP. You can't help but succeed.

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