Guess I'm An Anarchist...

"I'm not an anarchist who believes that all control is evil and should be eliminated, as then we'd simply have a much different type of mess to clean up than we do now. On the contrary, control is a necessary element to achieve anything at all, and in many instances can actually be quite beneficial."


Just because all control is evil doesn't mean that in relation to those stinking enslavers some control is a good thing.

I think that it is preposterous to believe that one's freedom is on par with being in a state of disorder.

That's confused thinking my friend.

"But control exercised by enslavers IS almost always and exclusively evil, because it is always used, in the end, to dominate and enslave others."



The universe is black and white, otherwise a little lie gets twisted into being the same as truth.

It ain't, brother.

If it was, you would have no problem being a little controlled.

Don't worry. It's our nature to do as we please. :-)


Not to belabor the point, but:

3 . a person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against any established rule, law, or custom.


Are you or are you not against enslavers? They are, as we all know, the established rule, law and custom. They ain't stupid.

I'm a little deaf, so can you speak up.

(David, you're a good guy and I miss having you around.)

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