In The Fields of Play

Sometimes the field must lie fallow in order to ensure, as well as can be expected, a more plentiful future crop. In this field there can sometimes be what is called 'voluntary' offsprings. It is what comes about from prior plantings or offsprings which completely on their own, germinate, mature and offer up harvest. In this cycle of birth, death and rebirth life finds a way forward. Life indeed, does find a way.

In relation to that, Man yearns for one thing after another incessantly and when the field should be allowed to rest, the push becomes harder, deeper and much more forceful. Life does not respond to force, it responds to energy. There is a difference and the two are far from being compatible.

The origin of all energy is unique to our nature. Whether one dabbles in a higher source or selfish persuits answers can become convoluted and 'sticky', hence the crazy idea that force will see it through. One can envision all sorts of concepts centered on and around energy but the reality is something else entirely. We can play games calling ourselves 'bundles of energy' or even feel 'big and almighty' by increasing our own energy-sense but when the House of Cards falls, and it always does, the scattered remains tell a much different story.

In this way I can read 'tea' leaves and determine the course of action most suited to that which is being 'brought' about - but don't mistake certainty with conviction. We all have our marching orders.

As the field undergoes timely change there eventually comes a 'time' when the appropriate crop provides the life-sustaining harvest to which all pay homage.

The thing is - why does one wait in perpetuity for that which one already knows?

Some geese are just plain silly and so become called a 'silly goose'.

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