Why I Wear A Burka

A Muslim women's wardrobe? No, I'm not talking about that here.

Behind the veil lies the one who perceives and yet is not in perception. It's like a one-way mirror and since a mirror is ill-suited to fashion dress a burka will do.

Hiding in plain sight can be a difficult task but not when one is adorned in a burka. It allows others to feel comfortable, safe and secure in their own knowledge of what is. It keeps in place the various customs and mores so that all who participate will remain calm, cool, collected. and most importantly, unaffected. I suppose it's all about keeping the herd from bolting off out into the great beyond, just past the cliff face.

The wearing of a burka allows the voice to penetrate and yet the listener's attention becomes diminished according to this dress. It must still sink in but the words, intent, clarity and purpose must be carefully navigated in order to reach out across the heavens. One cannot choose words lightly.

Through the thin small veil, perception takes place. The 'outside' environment seeps in and though it may appear as a disadvantage in having a clear perception of the surrounding environment this is not so, in fact the senses become greatly heightened and nothing passes by unnoticed.

It is a requirement of the wearer to remain silently in the background, as much as is possible. Interaction with the wearer is greatly discouraged because the wearer is not to be seen. Simple gestures with the hand become common so as to please those who wish to not hear overlaid with the requirement to understand.

To wear the burka is to walk unnoticed.

Wearing the garb manifests information in the environment without due process and thereby eliminates boundaries and convictions. It all passes under the bridge of inquiry and continues it's journey unaffected.

The veil defines the purpose in lack of inquiry into it's nature. One does not look in it's direction and so there is nothing which exists there.

Bound by conviction, Man comes to be studied as to it's nature.

And so, as a result of all that I can say, with some certainty that...

"I've studied the facts and it doesn't all add up."

What does that really mean besides being an intelligence bonanza?

Obviously something exists beyond games of chance.

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