The Lotus and the Spark of Creation

On one end of the spectrum there is the following:

"(in Greek mythology) a legendary plant whose fruit induces a dreamy forgetfulness and an unwillingness to depart."

- Oxford Dictionary

This is a pretty good description and reveals a number of things that happen in Nature. But that is not the whole story, there is more. Here are a few excepts from the other end of the spectrum. Please note that there is a lot of variable information regarding the subject so I am going to pick and choose what I think to be appropriate for this discussion.

"...the Lotus represents the heart. It is not the physical heart but the spiritual heart that the lotus represents. Mahanarayana Upanishad says, ‘In the citadel of the body, there is the small sinless and pure lotus of the heart which is the residence of the Supreme."

- The Divine Lotus Flower

It's called the Spark of Creation or Spark of the Divine. It's even color-coded.

"The lotus in both Hinduism and Buddhism serves as the seat of wisdom for gods and illuminated beings."

- Lotus (Padme)

What they don't tell you is that this quality is present in every being.

"The roots of a lotus are in the mud, the stem grows up through the water, & the heavily scented flower lies pristinely above the water, basking in the sunlight. This pattern of growth signifies the progress of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, & into the bright sunshine of enlightenment."

- Lotus - Symbolism

Another words, it's a symbolic journey. This is where it gets tied into the other end of the spectrum. One cannot make the journey unless and until one imbibes in the drink of forgetfulness. First you drink and then you make the journey to 'enlightenment'. How else can one achieve that which one already is. Remember that quote listed above, "...small sinless and pure..."? You are that Spark of Creation and despite giving your self the appearance of 'ignorance' in order to embrace your so-called perception, you ever remain what you are.

This is why this website has used the above picture as a representation of what you are. Without you the walls cannot become illuminated and though by your presence the walls come to be, it does not mean anything other than you expressing your self.

Do you see?

This website has also used the lotus flower as a means of demonstrating the duality of it's definition. They both point to the same thing and that thing is you. No, not the mental image construct called Tom, Dick or Mary Sue, but that still small voice within called the Spark of Creation. Is it any wonder that the concept of Creation and Creator came to be? Is it any wonder that each and every single thing in this Universe, and all others, can only be attributed to Creation itself? You've heard the term, "No Man is an island", and it is true. For every drop of rain, for every leaf that falls, for every wonder of being, there is and always will be nothing else but the Creator moving upon the canvas of Life and Living.

It's not that we are all creators dancing to the tune of free-will, that would be called pandemonium. In fact, and this is something really, really 'out there' - there is no such thing as 'free-will'. There is only the appearance of doing whatever the hell you want and calling it 'choice'.

You do have the choice of ignorance and forget-fullness or to acknowledge your own divinity. To do anything else is but to further acquiesce to the drawing down of the veil called forget-fullness.

Since you are the Spark of Creation why play the ignoramus who says: "Look at me, I am the wall!".

Well, when you become the wall sooner or later the urge makes it's self known that you would like to get back home. Unfortunately, through ignorance and forget-fullness, 'home' is something you no longer know about.

If you think about it, that's something that is just down-right silly. The wall wants to be Source - how funny is that? You are already home and always have been and always will be. Why pretend otherwise?

"Look at me - I am the wall!".

Of course you are, dear one, of course you are.1

  1. Note: - To avoid clutter I am adding this here:

    "Within Hinduism and Buddhism the lotus flower represents awakening to spiritual consciousness."

    - Lotus Flower Symbol

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