There comes a time for worship and there comes a time for evolution. In fullfillment, our universe changes and suddenly, we find ourselves alive once again. With a fresh perspective, reality takes on a new form and identity. We become something different, and so spread we our wings and test out new found flight going who knows where, doing who knows what. Rpeatedly, we thrash ourselves into oblivion only to arise each and every time with fresh new powder on our face. Engagingly, we seek the company of attributes we so vacantly admire within ourselves. Touching the core, we become alive with the energy of ourselves and seek that fullfillment in others.

The bands of Life draw us ever higher, but for some, attainment is unthinkable and unreachable. The scope and breath of it all takes our breath away and so we stare in disbelief as others pass us by enticing us with their wickedness. Determining right from wrong places us and keeps us bound. The idle thoughts of our minds entertain us and create grand illusions in which we partake. There is no waking for the dead.

Here stand eternity, awaiting your arrival, beckoning with it's soft touch. Desensitizing ourselves, we endure and to that end we strive with the utmost glee. Arriving is neither desired nor wanted as we flat-out run in the other direction. No one shall pass us alive.

Weary from misbeggon woes of all time, we sing the tune of death and freely pass it on. Our time is at an end, what will you do now? Where will you now run. What manner of place will you devise in which to carry out your own methods of destruction. The only 'here and now' to which you are accustomed has passed along with the ages. Ghosts may haunt you but nothing is as scary as the fright of being called Alive!

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