Group Processing

Long, long before the Confederacy, there came to be a civilization proud and strong of good intent. These people were in their early stages of development, and even though many, many ways and means were tested and tried, the general direction was coherent and strong. Unlike today, a higher standard was being actively sought. This is the time period where much of the so-called advanced technology, real and imagined, had it's roots. There really wasn't much in the way of clearing technology at this point because there just wasn't a need for it. Attention was focused on creating experiential events through the use of scientific theory and application. From biological reconstruction to time travel, this is the time period where it all came about.

This is also the time period in which I originate and took form.

Timelines, propagation and future break points were studied, analyzed and predicted. The events of today were predicted and modeled to a very great degree. There really are no surprises.

The beings that herald from that era could be considered to be the 'old' beings, except that with the ability to translate time and to reappear as necessary where desired, these same beings could be considered to be 'new' beings. Closer inspection on the so-called 'newer' beings will reveal their nature. As always, asking the right questions will get the answers you seek.

Xenu originates from this era and forked predictability, His purpose was created at this time and continues to this day unchanged. It is not an evil intention as the originating intent was of good purpose. Much in the same way that we each pay for our intent, so has he. But there is a difference. His intent encompassed the entire civilization in existence at that time, as it still does today. He began with the blessings of those around him then, and he still carries this banner forward today. Some things do not change. This is where clearing technology comes in, to make a change.

With clearing technology, and only through clearing technology can normalization be regained. There really is no such thing as normalization, but it serves as a good reference point in which to surround ourselves with.

Xenu is my friend. I am not out to destroy, convict or entomb him. He carries a gift that has long been lost sight of and the only way you are going to get that sight back is through clearing. The only way that he is going to be restored to his true self is through your use and application of clearing technology. It won't work on him, it isn't meant to. It's use is at your beck and call only and with it, wonders will never cease. Beyond the clearing, there is much to be done and experienced. I promise you, you won't be disappointed in the least. But first, there are a few events that must occur and without their fruition, stagnation, and worse, will endure.

One of the events that must occur is a heightened awareness of self. Your own self, not someone else's. Without stability there is no basis for expansion. With stability, Xenu will have a place to rest his cane.

Another event is ethical conduct. To do what is right is to do what is best. With the best, Xenu can relax his stoic exterior and show the depths of despair in which he has become immersed. With despair comes the gleam of hope and with that hope your freedom is ensured. You cannot assist another when your own despair gets in the way.

If you take care of yourself and those around you, I will take care of Xenu, but nothing will ever get accomplished until you take care of yourself first. With the care you express for yourself, you purchase the opportunity for another to care for themselves and with that intent freedom will be bought for all.

It's a group kind of thing. :-)

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