I Got Game

There is a 'clearing' game going on. It's purpose is to relieve and unburden the souls who inhabit this planet, to make them more able. It is a game that promises spiritual freedom and the opportunity to ensure your future. Your participation in the game will become rewarding, fulfilling and those around you, who you get to join in the game, will be thankful. It will be one big happy game playing family. This is one game.

Another game pits the freedom fighters against the enslavers. It is a game where there is a constant battle to defeat the enslavers, in all of their forms and deeds and in order to come out on top in the exchange, you must first ensure your future by 'clearing' yourself. The 'old' is not a 'good' game anymore, there is something much, much grander and enjoyable. This is another game.

When spiritual freedom becomes confused with playing a game, the school yard always becomes a serious affair. Some sides in a game will actively, and forcefully, solicit the addition of new players. Some will even force their players to sign drafts, ensuring that the players become totally committed to the game put forth. Some like the use of terror tactics, saying that you will suffer a spiritual death if you do not agree to play. In game play, in order to enlarge the player list, the team will always make less of other games, other sides and other players. It happens all the time.

A master game player is one who has risen to a point where they feel they can direct, motivate, play or not play any game at will. This is quite an ability, but what does it have to do with spiritual freedom.?

Spiritual freedom is not being free to play someone else's game, to continue playing whatever game you are currently playing, or even to go out and play 'conquer planet Earth'. Spiritual freedom is a release from the compulsion, the fear, the intimidation of restricting one's space. It requires that the individual be allowed the freedom, the understanding and the compassion, to seek, find and realize. Not to seek, find and realize that there are better games to be played, but to become more mature spiritually.

When you see a pointing finger, giving you some 'logical' explanation as to why one side of the game should be avoided, then you can expect that pointing finger to extend it's reach deep within the recesses of your soul. There is but one pointing finger and that is you. You are the master of your universe, if someone tells you that you are not, then ask: what it is that they want. The answers will be forthcoming, but spiritual freedom will always be in relation to goals, purposes, and plans. The game continues.

Outside of the game, there is a knowingness of what is right. That knowingness is already within you. If you wish to play a game, then please continue, I am not out to destroy them, subvert them, or to create the fear of a loss of players in some 'new' game. Beyond games lies spiritual freedom, not in them. Games require rules, boundaries, goals and purposes. Spiritual freedom does not; you become free not to the detriment of some other player, but to the benefit of something far greater.

There are very, very few places on this earth where you can go to attain, not the freedom to play any game you wish, but to be free. Period. There are those, all through time, who have successfully found those people and places and found what it is that they were looking for. Scientology requires the belief of the infallibility of it's leader and leaders. It is a religion marketed as being based upon completely new concepts and ideals with sky-high purposes and plans. It also tramples upon the wisdom and the knowledge of those that came before it. The best, at this time, that it can offer, is the promise of making you into a better player. Not spiritual freedom, but better game playing and the promises of enhanced abilities to play that game. Is this the end of the line?

Spiritual freedom can be found where ever it is that you take yourself on your quest. From the Church of Scientology to UFO alien cults, your freedom becomes increasingly defined and refined. When you become locked in a fixed position, you become a player of choice. Don't play to win, because it's a losing game. Instead, find spiritual freedom and vanquish your demons. Time has nothing to do with it other than to create a haste for a purpose.

If there is a belief that we are immortal souls, then why is it that we must guarantee our future? Is there such a fixation on the body and it's related conditions, that nothing else can be contemplated? While playing spiritual games, please remember that after a while, we all grow up and leave them behind.

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