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Setting Theta Free

A lot has been said about the Grand Council, Galactic Patrol, Grand federation, etc, etc. In the scheme of things this planet is a small bayou out in the middle of no-where with as much importance as a baloney sandwich on rye. But that is... 09 Jun 2008

Gaining Ground

Giving and taking, motion in motion becomes excited and charged. The energy charge increases and begins to seek fullfillment outside of itself. It must not be denied. Seeking, it becomes the Vampire at night, sucking from it's prey, life and... 08 Jan 2002

Getting Rid Of Theta

Theta comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, flavors and dress. Sometimes it even comes as the damsel in distress. The trouble with theta is that they stick to everything that isn't nailed down, and many times, even that. You can't get rid of it no... 26 Aug 2001

Tickets Please

The composite case has a make-up and that make-up always involves the appearance of extemporaneous theta particles attaching themselves by whatever method, to the core personality. That 'core' could be called the 'thetan'. These particles of... 14 Jun 2001

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