It's been made known that this website is neither a delivery center nor a propaganda tool for self-serving interests. There is nothing to buy here and commerce is looked upon with disinterest. In this capitalistic day and age it seems that nothing occurs without profit and the motive such entails. This wrong view creates scarcity of the highly prized and duly worshiped government issued currency. The focus these days is fervently and solidly upon the willingness to "live", to "have" and to "hold" those things which have but a momentary existence. You can't buy your way into heaven but you sure can buy your way into hell. In the pain and torment of purchasing spiritual pleasures nothing is gained and what becomes even further lost is one's well being.

Here, there is no commerce, no delivery of technical expertise and certainly no interest in what has occurred in the days gone by.

The state of clear is a beautiful sight to behold because there is nothing to hold. Space becomes free and clear. The 'official' Scientology organization has no pull here, therefore the space which most others devote to this subject is free and clear. Don't kid yourself, an enormous amount of people dedicate an enormous amount of time, space and energy to the 'official' organization and despite this huge gathering of interest, nothing gets resolved. The organization has continued and will continue along it's merry way.

Resolution is not about conflict. It is about clear and clean space.

The so-called 'FreeZone' has the same problem.

But here, there is no such problem or turmoil to engulf ourselves with. The attention or focus has and will continue to be upon the Free Zone.

Whether one has 'done' all the levels in the known universe, be it in the 'official' organization, the 'FreeZone' ,the RONS org network or what-have-you makes no difference when the basis, the foundation remains unchanged. If one does not becomes intelligent in their attention fixation then all that happens is that problems will continue to come and go while the basis remains unchanged.

There is no interest here in pursuing Life Release as it is but another vista or lookout on the highway of going no where.

Losing one's focus is tantamount to living the dream of life and living. Is this what spirituality is about? Does one become spiritually motivated because of life's pleasures, of becoming a bigger fish in the pond?

"Know thyself."

Anything else is merely entertaining notions of greatness.


15 Feb 2008

Knowing How To Know

A reference was made to:

"Know thyself."

This ties in with "knowing how to know." Without the knowledge of knowledge nothing can really be known - only thought about. This is precisely the problem of an unending Bridge into the vast unknown. Through thought eternity exists and yet through the knowledge of self it has absolutely no existence at all.

One cannot kill a thetan but thought can and certainly does die. What dies has no permanency and so can be dispensed with. When we quest for spiritual freedom the road through trial and tribulation begins. Without this sense of interest the daydream endures perpetually.

Auditing the daydream helps to keep the dream alive.

One can try and live a better life or find the freedom which is you.

The choice is yours.

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