Where Have You Gone

Going and coming, both are used as the tools they are. Remember, there is no such thing as coincidence and there are no accidents. A slip of the tongue is expression overriding the mind's tendencies. Striking the root bares all.

Lately there hasn't been much of a reason to post to this website. We have been relocated to south Georgia for a while now and the environment is quite palatable. The nice thing about the gypsy life is that one goes where one must. Personal needs and wants is not something contemplated and in the scheme of things, all things are related - just ask the stewards of the land.

There are two websites which material is contributed to, fza.org and gathering-minds.net. Both are used accordingly and both come and go as well. There is currently no interest in the taken-over Church of Scientology nor the incestual orgy called "The FreeZone". We are much higher up the food chain these days and it appears that as the various chapters come to a close the story line successfully continues. Progress in terms of measurable attainment is undeniable and more importantly at this juncture, inescapable.

Appearances in this Universe of form and function are merely that, the customary dress of public acceptance. We are not fooled though we participant in this foolish side-show as required. Peeking behind the curtain is something we need not do as truth is already quite apparent to those of perceptual insight. Why pretend to peek other than to play a part in the game of Life and Living in order to set the stage for future positioning. It's not a matter of trying to stay five steps ahead but more of slowly bringing about change in mind-sets based upon fixation.

There are no clear and apparent communications with anyone at this time. It's really funny to watch surveillors surveilling nothing and yet become perplexed at coincidences and strange happenings, all occurring as if by magic. There must be some other force at work! Just don't tell the boss!

In a police state force is both a requirement and a necessity but we all know that this last effort at resumption of control is doomed. Force becomes the guidepost of progression. Things are going, not as planned, but as determined in foresight.

There is much to look forward to and much to resolve on this planet and what better way to usher in a new era then to give the last a good kicking.

Thanks go out to all involved.

Let's leave this last item for the snoopers and poopers: the Dogs are out!

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