Pointedly Obscure

It is true that this web site is quite obscure. The verse is obtuse and the cacophonous display of seemingly irrelevant and irreverent terms and ideas can be like the fingernails upon the chalkboard. Yes, the mind can be a wonderfully annoying entity seemingly bent upon nothing but it's own self aggrandizement.

So how does one wend their way through the battle-zone of thoughts, ideas and concepts in order to arrive at the one who is in charge of this morass of baggage? The trials and tribulations of such endeavors has created a plethora of rules, regulations, organizations and other such thrill-seekers. In this chess game of skill, mortal living has come to reflect the preponderance of ideological love-making embraced and enforced for but the "common good". Cattle are quite common and do taste good! Unless, of course, one is not in the business of devouring animals in the name of "sustenance".

This day and age requires that we sustain ourselves through the trial and torment of others. In this way, our sense of self worth is allowed to reach it's pinnacle of greatness. But this is not correct thinking. In place of exhibiting our greatness we demonstrate our lack. One need not strive to the position of being at the top of the food chain unless the emptiness within motivates such action. Action is the outward demonstration of our inner desires. What do your actions say about you?

If one deems another to be 'wrong', then one has already doomed oneself to be so.

Painting upon a canvas of reality, using words as the medium and the mind's conceptual understanding as the brush, this web site produces images for reflection. You will see what you want and understand what you wish, possibly including the rejection of that which is contrary to your own mental constructs. Not all express the ability to see viewpoints as nothing more than another point of view, but in potentiality we are.

There is a rule of life and living and it goes like this: Never defend yourself.

All that will be defended is an idea of what 'should be' and not 'what is'. You are, all the rest if nothing but fluff 'n stuff. Of what import could that possibly have other than to create an importance where none exists. Talk about living a lie!

You are. It is an indisputable fact of existence. Once could defend their thoughts, ideas and concepts but where will that get you since there is no shortage of any of those and never will be unless and until they come to be recognized for the killer that they really are. They kill reality in order to create a false sense of perception.

Is it any wonder that the world just doesn't make sense? Is it any wonder that we continuously find ourselves in circumstances which we either fight or flee? Peace cannot come from an exterior source as we are that source and we are that peace.

So here, pretty pictures get painted through means typically rejected by a 'normal' standardized upbringing.

Can you say 'Moo!"?

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