Set In Stone

When the pace accelerates particles already in motion tend to become further stimulated thereby enhancing the vacuum of required action.

It's not that good things come to those who wait it's more like patience exacting it's due regard.

It's really an amazing sight to observe over extended periods of time particles set in motion and of how the Universe responds. It's no secret - in balance all things come to pass.

The trick is to place one's self into position whereby that balance can be extended from the very core of one's being out into the vast, vast territory called the canvas of Life and Living. It really is such a wonder to behold.

These days it seems that we have come to the place where despite our own best efforts we find ourself experiencing the echoes of our existence returning to us as if not of our own effect.

Sometimes the Universe does stand up and take notice - at least that is how it seems when the waves break upon the shores of our awareness.


I really don't know if this website will continue or not but for the moment I have changed it's format into something with a different perspective. Every time I have tried lately to add something to this collection it has not worked out so I am taking the alternate route by stating what I have so that an understanding is available for perusal.

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