Pay The Piper

What does finding one's way have to do with living in the world of Man? Are we to keep ourselves busy in the time of need so that other, more important matters may be dispensed with and laid in the realm of 'lost and forgotten'? Attention is such a coveted foe that as we give up the ghost simply because we find ourselves devoted to 'information overload' we little realize exactly what it is that we are freely giving up.

Giving can be hard to do but what about giving up? What about freely relinquishing that which others salivate for? What is it that we are doing when we feed the demanding? What ever could the consequences be of that which is given up in the name of some idea all in the name of an intellectual understanding which is obviously festering from the feeding frenzy of lust, greed and immorality. Capitalism is such a fine thing is it not? For every action there is an opposite, equal payment. Like begets like.

Wasting away we feel that our time will come in some distant future where all will be as we think shall come to pass. Living a daydream has it's advantage in that little regard is given to the reality which thoughts cover in haste. We cannot be that which we already are. In such a dangerous environment as this where ever can be the savior?

Looking and seeking we search high and low for one thing or another. In haste our movements define us and in this definition we find purpose and plan even though they are obviously fruitless and lifeless, devoid of anything other than our thoughts giving us away. Following the scent of interest our nature languishes in perpetuity, so of course we never give it a second thought. Reaping the benefits of time travelling we yearn for salvation. Someone, anyone must comes to our rescue!

In such acceptance of definition, we take on the qualities of those who we oppose and ultimate find that we live on both sides of the fence. Not only do we covet the neighbors but we are the neighbors as well. Throwing our intellect here and there our lack of discipline reveals us as we are. Tired, poor and hungry.

In it's last gasp of supremacy the high and mighty fall and continue to fall until the depths of one's hell become apparent. Sometimes, there is no missing the obvious, especially when that is all that is left.

But for those whose wisdom rides the storm the roller coaster ride of entertainment is neither enjoyed nor avoided. Life goes on as life always has completely in spite of Man's predilection for thought consumption. Feeding the Beast the Keeper becomes one.

In the cry of pain and anguish recompense reigns supreme as we seek release and forgiveness of our pointedly deceit-full lives. Living for our selves we take upon our selves the qualities of self-fullfilling prophecy. Doomed to peril we run hard and fast in order to escape our own actions.

But what happens when our fleet of foot is not enough to allow for escape. What happens when all of our past falls upon us seeking balance to be brought to bear. What happens when our escape route no longer exists? What happens when that which happens could have been easily avoided in foresight. If you are what you see then what is it, exactly, that you see?

Fear is not an option when balance is brought to bear and though courage will be in very short supply it will be the only requirement for survival. Courage in the face of one's own dementia, of one's runaway intellect is all that is required in order to clear the path to a much higher and brighter future where Man does not live in harmony, He becomes that harmony.

Setting your self free is not about climbing up the food chain of death and destruction, it's about looking in the mirror and saying "Yes, that is me and mine." All actions envisage consequence. Think about that the next time you turn away from doing what is right. Think about that the next time courage somehow 'conveniently' makes it's escape so that another dirty deed may be done.

Sooner or later one must meet the Day of Reckoning and upon that day the courageous will stand firm while the weak will similarly receive their just due.

Perhaps it might be best to pay the Piper now while there is still time.

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