FZA: What is the Free Zone?

What exactly is the Free Zone? How did it come about and who is in charge of it?1

For many, the Free Zone is an idea of spiritual freedom. For others, it is an organized group of people that continue to practice Scientology, separate from the Church of Scientology. What is it really?

Now, you can find out.


The Free Zone

Let's start off with a few quotes:

The "Free Zone" came into existence in the beginning of the 80's; to be more precise, in the days when the RTC (Religious Technology Center) took over the Church of Scientology. This was from 1982 on. (freezone.org/)

FREE ZONE: An area not controlled by evil organizations or implanters, but free to expand spiritually. (freezone.org/e_defin.htm)

The Free Zone is a "network" and as such it is not hierarchically structured.(freezone.org/news/intro.htm>)

The Free Zone, in its broadest sense, is a network of people around the world.

Our common interest is the philosophy and technology of Scientology, i.e. L. Ron Hubbard.(freezone.org/english.htm)

Capt. William Branton Robertson. Hubbard awarded him the rank of Captain, an honor otherwise only bestowed on his own wife, Mary Sue. He was - technically seen - the successor of Hubbard because he was the highest ranking Sea Org Officer when LRH and MSH dropped out. In part as he was 2nd Deputy Commodore, the third in command after LRH and MSH. CBR started the Free Zone Movement in 1982. (freezone.org/english.htm>)


Alternate spellings: FreeZone, Freezone, freezone.
Free Zone member: FreeZoner, Freezoner.

The Free Zone could be said to consist of a network of similarly minded individuals and/or organizations that pursue the philosophy of Scientology. This is not a formal organization and should not be confused with (freezone.org)Freie Zone e.V., an association located in Germany.

The basis of the Free Zone rests on the philosophy of Scientology. To practice Scientology there are currently two choices. In the 'officially recognized' Church of Scientology or anything outside of that recognition. That covers a lot of ground. The CoS restricts the use of Scientology doctrines outside of it's own organization, so the choice becomes either to practice Scientology in the CoS, or go out and do it on your own.

Once you go out on your own, you enter the "Free Zone". A place where, ideally, the practice of Scientology is unrestricted and where you are free to expand spiritually, unencumbered by the authoritarian rules and regulations of the CoS.

There is no formal organization in which to join the Free Zone. As a matter of fact, you will find many different types of organizations in the Free Zone, ranging from professional individuals practicing 'standard' Scientology doctrine, to organizations that have reorganized and changed Scientology principals to something else entirely. Admittedly, these types of organizations belong on the fringes on the Free Zone, but because of their Scientology roots, they are still well within the Free Zone structure.

"Free Zoners" is a term used to describe those individuals that uphold Scientology principals in the Free Zone. A definition may be "An individual who practices Scientology outside of an officially sanctioned CoS organization."

The Church of Scientology claims total ownership of the beliefs, doctrines, and technology of Scientology. It rules in an authoritarian fashion, restricting access to doctrines, as it sees fit. In order to practice Scientology outside of that structure, an individual must be not only resourceful in finding doctrines in which to study, but realizes that current governmental laws makes the practice of their religion illegal.

The Free Zone is not a place in which free practice of the Scientology religion reigns. It is a loose affiliation of individuals/organizations who have a tenuous hold on openly expressing their religion. Identifying oneself as a Scientologist or a Free Zone member only invites retribution from the only legally recognized place in which to practice this religion - The Church of Scientology.

One can only wonder how this organization claims religious freedom when they themselves restrict it.

The Free Zone is a loose affiliation of like minded souls seeking refuge in which to further their spiritual studies. It is not a wonderfully safe place to practice Scientology. It is only a temporary haven from the storm called The Church of Scientology.

The Church of Scientology storm

  1. Originally posted on the website Free Zone America (fza.org). 

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