The Beauty of the Sea

Welcome to FZA and the Free Zone. This page may give you a little insight into what the Free Zone is about.1

This may also be of particular interest to those who have recently left the 'church' and are not quite sure what to do next.

The Beauty of the Sea

Clean air, clean water, clear mind.

Clean air, clean water, clear mind. 

Were you promised freedom. Were you enticed by the promise of clear thinking? Recalling times of walking on the beach, were your foot steps taken away from the path that you had first set upon?






Were your hopes washed away?Were your hopes and dreams washed away along with the tide, knowing that all the promises of the world could not make up for the lost time, energy and love that you had devoted to this just cause?


There is a way out.



Do you remember how uplifted you had felt. How wonderful it was to be a part of something much greater than yourself? The excitement, the high energy levels, the grand purpose of helping others?

That purpose, that feeling and that energy still exists. You are not alone.


Welcome to the Free Zone.



Everyone has a right to their own relgious freedom.This is where freedom of religion is more than just an idea.

It is a fact of existence. No longer is freedom hailed for the benefit of a 'church'. It is hailed for the sole right to stake our claim to existence, and to recognize that others have that very same right - no matter how repulsive that may seem to us. We are all individuals, with individual paths. This uniqueness does not blend well with the rigid structures of certain churches and organizations. But celebrate we do. Religious tolerance is more than a campaign, it is a way of life.



Our uniqueness is what defines who and what we are. We are not all of the same mold, as many would have you believe. Robots are the domain of factories, where they produce in an unerring fashion, day in and day out. Luxuries such as food, relaxation and families are handed out, not to the robots, but only to those in command. They are the knowledgeable 'chosen' ones, who have studied and learned, and know all there is to know about the care of robots.



Don't be a robot. Stand out in the crowd and make yourself known. Being in good company does not mean being in the company of others who are all the same. Live your life, not the life for which those in command have set forth for you. You are unique, a one of a kind spiritual being who is happiest when being recognized as the individual that you are.



Individuality prevents us from becoming robots.Once you have recognized the real you, take the next step.

Begin to walk the path that you had first set upon and know that the path you choose is the path of your own choosing. Nothing can take that away from you. Following your own path may take you to many other paths as well. That is as it should be, other paths should be explored. New knowledge and insight can only be gained by new paths and directions, but don't confuse other paths as being your own.


Once you follow your own path, you will never again sit with robots, waiting for new directions.



The race is on. Are you in the race, or are you a spectator?

I would much rather see you at the finish line.

Join the race!

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