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A Tribute to Ron Dewolf

As an organization, we have seriously erred in providing a complete and full account of some aspects of our history. We are actively working to correct that oversight and redeem ourselves in the hearts and minds of our parishioners.1

Ron DeWolf, son of LRH, makes some startling revelations in the following tape transcript. His death was surrounded in controversy and we wish to publicly state that we as an organization have not been entirely truthful in this regard as well as in many other areas.

As much as we would like this tape transcript to not exist, we cannot deny the ultimate fact that we all share the same reality and whether that reality be a good one or an evil one, we must confront it if we are to technologically advance to any great degree.

As you read Ron's transcript please bear in mind that we are sharing this information with the intention that if we are fully truthful and open then many, if not all, of the troubles that we are encountering on the Internet, in the courts, and in the media will vanish. We have come to the uncomfortable conclusion that the evil we are facing is our evil. We created it. We are also willing to uncreate it, with your help.

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Church of Scienotology International

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Thursday, June 29th, 1984. This tape is not copyrited, it is not patented, and it is not trademarked. You are free to use this information or this tape in any way that you please. Freedom and independence is what it is all about now, and you therefore may exercise your own prerogatives regarding this tape. I will however simply state that it is true and factual and as so many other people have done in the past you will find that your own reality, your own perception and your own awarenesses over the years will prove what I am talking about in this tape as true. If I had a penny for every time I have told someone "I told you so" then I would be a millionaire by now. You will also find as time goes on here that other sources, records, documents, court cases, papers, and affidavits and testimony from literally scores if not hundreds of people will verify and substantiate what I am talking about and possibly will give you some idea as to why there has been a quarter-century campaign to keep me quiet and to keep me contained. A campaign which has proven so far to be highly unsuccessful and will continue to fail. The truth will set you free and that is the basic stable datum this tape is based on.

My name is Ron DeWolf, I live at 1401 East Long Street, Apartment 101, Carson City, Nevada 89701. My telephone number is: (702) 883-6738. I was formerly known as L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. or by the nickname, Nibs. I am L. Ron Hubbard's oldest son and by his first marriage - one of three - and I was rather deeply involved in the formation of the beginning organizations of Scientology and tech from 1950 to November 23rd, 1959, when I left the organization.

There has been a great deal of disinformation spread around the world about me, both from inside the orgs and outside; there has been a great deal of rumor and generally a great deal of it is untrue (some of it is true) and I thought that you might like to hear about some things from me and look me over and then you make up your own mind.

Ninety-nine percent of what my father ever wrote or said about himself to the press, the media, the public and the membership is totally and completely untrue and false. So therefore that old phrase "Consider the source" cannot just be applied to me but must be applied to him also. And this phrase, "Consider the source" is in itself totally and completely inaccurate and is only a statement to dead-agent both myself and my father - or anyone else for that matter. What is appropriate, true and accurate is: "Consider the facts and consider the truth". As you will discover in these tapes, that source actually has very little meaning. Truth is truth; truth is an isness. Truth existed before the world began and will still be persisting until long after the world ends, so therefore "source of truth" really has no bearing on anything. What is important is the discovery of truth and its application. That is, to what purpose is the truth put, to what goals it is used for, the method in which the truth is applied, to what benefit the truth is used, that is, who benefits by its use or its non-use or its being hidden or exposed. Such things as truth, facts, knowledge and discoveries, and techniques, are tools, and they in themselves don't have the ability to create or cause any action, effect or result. It is what people do with them that is important. It's the Being behind the tool. A scalpel can cut your throat or it can repair a body. A hammer can bash somebody's brains out or build a house. Therefore, what's more important is the individual's intention and action with that tool, not the tool itself. And again, it's the truth itself, not necessarily the source, that is important. L. Ron Hubbard tried very hard to assign source to himself when in truth he wasn't, and tried very hard to publicly and even privately own truths that he had no right to. These truths belong to the membership or to anyone else that cares to use them openly and freely. There were dozens and dozens of times throughout the fifties in which he would work himself into a monumental rage and shout and scream that Scientology was HIS, that HE created it, that HE invented it. That is not true. And he would take steps to quickly suppress any other thought or idea through the use of force, fear, intimidation, blackmail and all of that "good" GO stuff.

Scientology and its tech belong to the people and belong to the people who use it. L. Ron Hubbard may have been a crossroads of truth and communication but he tried to act as creator, which was a total misassignment of cause and creation which of course, naturally, was highly detrimental to his own case and his own bank and his own progress and to the growth and proper development organizationally.

He tried to by force make a lie persist. If any of you out there happen to have some of the early Journals of Scientology and Professional Auditors Bulletins that go on back to 1952 through say about 1955, you will note some interesting things, some interesting things regarding source. For instance, L. Ron Hubbard gave honorary Fellows of Scientology Certificates to at least a couple of dozen people of the past, such as Freud, Alfred Korzybsky (the great semanticist), Dr. Snake Thompson, a psychiatrist in the Navy that my father knew via my grandfather. He named many, many sources for Scientology at various times throughout these early years. You see, one of the problems Dad has had with me is that I've been around the family, him and Scientology since before the beginning, and I have a very long and pretty darned good memory. And then also, insofar as tech itself is concerned, there's great vast chunks of it that he did not invent or create. But the moment somebody came up with it he took it over and falsely owned it and suppressed the original source. I can give you several examples and I think that if you talked to some of the people that's been around for a long time you can easily substantiate this. As an example, the creation and invention of exteriorization was by Evans Farber. He's the son of J. Burton Farber who set up the very first Church of Scientology of California which of course later, as it was set up and running well, Dad and I took over. So as you can see, the Church of Scientology of California is not original with L. Ron Hubbard, but with J. Burton Farber. I can remember sitting around in Dad's house on Tatem Boulevard in Phoenix, Arizona in 1953 - excuse me, 1952 - and Evans Farber, who was at that time attached to Ross Lamoureux's Dianetic and then Scientology center there in Phoenix, pacing around out in the front yard, not going away, demanding to see Dad. And in fact I even took out some cool drinks to the man, feeling sorry for him. But Dad absolutely refused to see him, he couldn't be bothered to talk with him. Evans was really super persistent and finally, after several hours of pacing around out front they got to talking. It wasn't more than about an hour later and Dad is jumping up and down in great glee and enthusiasm over this whole new procedure. And it wasn't too long after that all of a sudden L. Ron Hubbard had invented and created the thing called exteriorization. I think you can verify this with Evans Farber, who is still out and around Scientology. Then of course such things as acknowledgments was invented by a Richard Steves. Dick Steves, who was also Organizational Secretary (Org Sec) which was at that time the highest position in any organization. It would correspond to the head of the International Organization. And so that was started to be taught in the advanced clinical courses, which by the way I did over twenty of them. And then you have Jack Horner who taught Advanced Clinical Courses in England, an absolute master and superb teacher. He came up with I believe, the repetitive question. I believe I'm correct in that but he also I think came up with a couple of other very important things that are still used today. He's certainly out there alive and kicking and doing a good job, so why don't you ask him.

Let's take also the TR's. Gad, I invented about half of them and Dick and Jan Halpern who were assistant course instructors in the Advanced Clinical Courses made quite a heavy contribution in that area. You have also the CCH's. Dick and Jan and Ken Barrett and I contributed probably better than half of that plus particularly 8C - 8C's my baby. I came up with that because I got tired of the students not doing what I told them to do and when I told them to do something they had bloody well better have done it. So this was a good way of teaching control.

Dianetics and Scientology therefore, insofar as its creation, implementation and operation truly belongs on the 3rd Dynamic, not the 1st Dynamic. Scientology and Dianetics as a science literally evolved from 1950 forward, and it didn't grow and become stable as tech without the very important contributions from many sources both inside and outside Scientology. If anybody has a librarian bent, just do some early research. I and many others have made it possible for people to ask questions, do research and to do the impossible. The impossible means to openly and freely communicate and to openly and freely practise Scientology as they see fit. Some of the very heavy main sources of Scientology come from Zen Buddhism and Hinduism and the Vedic Hymns and the very deep, strong and very, very real (dangerous and destructive I might add) involvement of Dad in the Magick and the Magick tech come straight out of the Bible and are biblically based. As a small aside here, the book Alice in Wonderland (which of course some of the TRs are based on) and the companion book Alice Through the Looking Glass, were written by a master adept at the Magick. And he was, as they all are, unknown and secret. He was also a secret member of the Order of the Golden Dawn of which Aleister Crowley, the English black magician was involved in. And of course it was purposely used and put there by Dad because of its Magick association. And Dad used it secretly in the Scientology training to gain a higher degree of control over staff, students and preclears for himself personally. So therefore the bottom line is that while L. Ron Hubbard may be a crossroads, he certainly is not "The Source". And naturally I think you can see what would happen to him personally and to the organizations when he got so deeply involved in the misassignment of source, the misassignment of cause, when he tried to own things or have things that weren't his. And also when he tried to get people to focus on him as a terminal, as a source terminal rather than (on) the truth, or in this the plural truths. That is to focus on the MEST rather than the theta. It would be like getting someone to focus on the TV set instead of the message, the truth, the information and the knowledge coming through the TV set. The TV set is not Source at all. And naturally, trying to make the lie persist, one gets heavily into force, disconnection and suppression.

And to make another accurate statement - that L. Ron Hubbard probably was the greatest suppressive in Scientology. Because there's another prime truth you ought to know, and that is that Dad never practised what he preached. Anyone who has had any personal contact, communication, living-with or personal involvement with L. Ron Hubbard can attest to that. Whether it be at home, the family, friends, staff, on the Apollo, those people can understand when I say that ninety-nine percent of whatever my father ever said or ever wrote about himself to the press, media, public and membership is totally false and untrue. It is just total fabrication. And you can also see that any self- respecting auditor who had audited Dad was in many instances very perplexed and could not figure out what the heck was going on. Because L. Ron Hubbard didn't get any case gains, at least in the normal sense of the word, because he had so many withholds. One of the major secret withholds (besides all the others of course) is his deep and very real involvement with the Magick tech. The one major thing he could not openly communicate, so he drove auditors nuts because in truth what the auditors were dealing with is the mock-up, not the person, not the real bank, not the individual. He was dealing with this great huge - as they say in Magick, the "construct". And one of the problems that friends, family and staff kept running into is that the L. Ron Hubbard they saw and talked to and worked with was not the Scientology L. Ron Hubbard, and slowly but surely, regardless of the justifications and rationalizations, saw the truth, bit-by-bit, inch-by-inch. This created the old early fifties horror formula: Must but Can't. That is, they saw the truth and must communicate it but can't. The other half is that they had to withhold but can't. You found this around a great many of the staff members, friends and family: Must withhold but can't. The other half is Must communicate but can't. This of course caused the opposing lockup in one's bank and caused tremendous overpowering negative feedback. It would be like being stuck between two plates in a battery with both sides trying to discharge against each other and you're in the middle - and you're trying to keep them from discharging.

You see, one cannot withhold truth. One cannot destroy truth. And one was forced (when one was in and around L. Ron Hubbard) to withhold truth. A lie will not persist so people were forced to make the lie persist and to do absolutely opposite from what was possible. One can just maintain a reverse polarity so long before they go into meltdown. The basic problem is that people just could not separate L. Ron Hubbard's case and the tech. Now I think it's about time you did. It is not necessary to throw the baby out with the bath water. The tech is 3rd Dynamic not 1st Dynamic. The tech originated from many sources not one source. The tech belongs to those people who use it, who follow its precepts, who realize the truth in it and practise it. That is, simply practise what you teach and practise what the tech preaches. I think if Dad were to listen to any of his own tapes the one he should probably listen to is the tape on the subject of "The Only One".

So its up to you to separate the wheat from the chaff. It's up to you to separate the fact and the opinion - LRH's opinion. The power of Scientology came from the field and in many instances if not all, gains were made in cases and the tech moved forward in spite of the orgs and in spite of L. Ron Hubbard. You made it work where it really wasn't supposed to work sometimes.

Another important fact you should know is that Dad could not stand a terminal of comparable magnitude. If anyone got close to his power level he destroyed them. You will note (going clear back to 1950) that anyone who really, truly and honestly was Clear or OT (and there were quite a number of them, I mean real honest-to-God ones that truly were as defined in the early days, I'm talking about from 1952, summer thereof, through the middle fifties - that's where the actual definitions came from), that those people were literally, systematically, overtly, by postulate and decision, destroyed. All you have to do is ask your neighbor, your fellow ex-member or member as the case may be, to find these original Clears and OTs and ask them what happened to them. Take John McMaster. He was not, by the way, the first Clear. I find that most interesting, that's another destructive ploy. When these people would come up to the actual being Clear, they were announced as being the First Clear or the First OT or the First MEST Clear, and then, when their abilities were truly demonstrated and found workable (that is if they were out there doing what Clears really do and demonstrating what a Clear can really do), then they were quickly put into not-isness and gotten down into Traitor, Enemy or some other good stuff. Then after they were successfully destroyed, when another Clear would show up, then they were again the First Clear. But of course a Clear does not toe the mark; a Clear does not make a lie persist and a Clear becomes fast approaching a terminal of comparable magnitude to L. Ron Hubbard and then dear old Dad would destroy them. And you would find that a few weeks or months later another First Clear would show up. This ran on about a six-month cycle from the end of 1950 to date. One of the main problems Dad had with Clears is that Clears practised what they preached and Dad didn't. And Clears very quickly found out that Dad didn't. And that's the one thing that would cause instant destruction: the revelation of that one piece of data. You can't find one Clear or OT in 34 years that didn't get run over by a herd of L. Ron Hubbard elephants and didn't feel like they had been stuck in the Coliseum with a hundred raging tigers and lions. I mean they really got chewed up and spit out!

Most of my auditing, by the way, was received from L. Ron Hubbard, probably ninety percent of it. I went Clear and OT which of course started to cause problems because I started to demonstrate Clear and OT abilities which of course always was a no-no. And again you don't have to take my word for it, just ask anybody that went Clear or OT and find out what happened to them.

The best solution for them, many of them found out as I found out, was to cut and run. If you went OT and Clear, go find a foxhole out in the boondocks somewhere because you knew that L. Ron Hubbard would come and try to get you. And you were only as useful (when you went Clear and OT) as you had PR value, as long as you were willing to be the token Clear or the token OT as in the civil rights (before civil rights movement here in the United States) being the token Black. As long as you were willing to play the Uncle Tom role you were fine. The only problem with that was that a Clear and OT embodied the very precepts of Scientology: ARC, power, truth, justice and freedom of expression and just basically "Clearness", which didn't quite jibe with organizational practice. Plus they have the added dimension of a much higher degree and ability of perception and so, since L. Ron Hubbard had a great deal to hide, including the Magick tech, he was very fearful of that being perceived. That is, people would look behind the ridges and look behind the withhold. Of course in my own particular case, which is not terribly unique, besides being Clear and OT I also was his son and knew all of the real and true facts of his actual life and activities, which of course was a hundred and eighty degrees out. Plus I had the added dimension of his having taught me the Magick tech so I posed an even greater threat. That's why he pulled out all the stops and tried to stop and destroy me and to shut me up. But me being me, with the same abilities he taught me, made it kind of difficult and so I'm still here. I'm still walking and I'm still talking and so are a lot of other Clears and OTs and so are a lot of other people and staff.

I firmly believe there is great strength in diversity, by the way. That the getting together and communicating and even diverse and opposing opinions can produce positive results. That a singular opinion, a singular path or a singular policy is not conducive to creativity, expansion or benefit. You really must ask yourselves a series of questions. Those questions are: Whom do you serve? Whom do you benefit? Do you benefit L. Ron Hubbard? Do you benefit an organization or do you benefit your preclear? Do you benefit your student? Your growth, expansion and monetary remuneration is in direct proportion to your ability to gain results for your student and preclear, not fill the coffers of any organization or any one individual. Competition is very, very healthy, and is the only really solid way to grow. And within Dianetics and Scientology that is expressed by getting results. It's the great leveler. It's the great growth hormone. Scientology is not L. Ron Hubbard's, it is yours. And you will grow and so will Scientology in direct ratio to your ability to get those results, to benefit your preclear and student, to making him more able and leading and living a better life, to being more successful, to making more money, to have a happier life. And again, this is based on workable, demonstrable results as the student or preclear sees it. One of the tricks and the ploys by the way, as time went on in Scientology, was to "make the E-meter Cause" and to "let the E-meter tell you so". It didn't make any difference how the guy felt, it's what the E-meter said. If the E-meter said you were flat on a subject, when then you were flat on the subject. It didn't make any difference if you really were or you felt that you were. The same applied to results in sessions and in classes as a student. A fellow knows the subject when he knows it. I mean that's a dumb statement, but that's true. And to just run him through a high speed checklist because we have another class coming in and that means more money ... if that becomes more important, then you're dead in the water. That is, to put it another way, ritual had become more important than substance. The checksheet, as an example, was more important than actual results or actual training, knowledge, learning and the ability to use the tech.

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