Truth Is Stranger Than (Science) Fiction

Many of you may be familiar with a very "different" web site. It is called Veritas, which is located at 1

The following comments may shock you, but in our on-going effort to be completely open and honest we felt that we should bring this up at this time.

The web site Veritas contains many truths. It also contains some misinformation, which we will not be addressing right now. Our main purpose in attempting to destroy those behind Veritas was for but one reason. It was the reason of Danger. We wrongly felt that if Veritas' approach to truthfulness and honesty were to become accepted, our organization would be at risk. This was wrong of us.

When a web site promotes honesty and truthfulness, no matter the subject, it encourages people to wake up and to become aware of what is actually happening in their environment. At the time, our stance was one of encouraging people to hope for their freedom, while at the same time inhibiting their wakefulness. We perceived that Veritas threatened our existence, but we have come to realize that we ourselves, are the ones who have threatened our existence.

We therefore publicly apologize to all those connected to Veritas. You have been a shining example of what thruthseekers really are and we wish to acknowledge your contribution to those that have sought that truth. We have been seriously deficit in our regard for this aspect of life, and will seek to rectify this gross error.

Truth can be found in many forms and in many ways. As LRH depended upon those before him for the technology that he created, we recognize the fact that we must depend upon those who have more knowledge than we, if we are to fully complete the bridge to freedom. We have learned from Veritas that truth is not created - it just is. We have also learned from LRH that the truth will set you free. We wish to no longer deny this fact.

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